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About Allergy Life Health

About Allergy Life Health

Allergy Life Health is a purpose-built platform and a needs-based initiative to help Australians with allergies Find dedicated Healthcare services in Australia for their Allergies.

Allergy Life Health is FREE for the community to use and FREE for Healthcare providers to list their services- it’s all about health awareness and enabling positive health outcomes for Australians with allergies.

Allergy Life Health is an initiative proudly brought to Australians by Allergy Life Australia, a national non-profit registered charity.


When you have Allergies, or your loved one does, it’s essential to find dedicated Healthcare services and health support from suitable providers that understand allergies and can help you manage to live with them.

While searching for Healthcare services and health support for our allergies, we use search engines, social media, word of mouth and other means of gathering information from different sources to guide us in finding the care and support we require.

Allergy Life Health was created to give Australians living with allergies direct access (in one place) to providers offering dedicated Healthcare services and health support for their allergies.

Allergy Life Health places all these services and support options for allergies in a central location through a modern format and considers all the community requirements, such as health categories, conditions, booking features, rebates, billing options, and more.

Allergy Life Health makes it easy for anyone to Find Healthcare in Australia for their Allergies. Users can also share their experiences with others in the allergy community (to let others know what to expect), bookmark their favourite providers, learn about allergy health, meet Healthcare providers dedicated to Australians with allergies and more.

From services and support for allergies that include allergists, mental health, general medicine, diet, nutrition, support groups and more, Allergy Life Health is here to help you live a safer and happier allergy life.

Along with Healthcare services for people with allergies, Allergy Life Health also lists services from providers that deliver Healthcare for people with intolerances (lactose, gluten, etc) and certain autoimmune conditions (coeliac, etc).


Find dedicated Healthcare services and support for you or your loved ones' allergies


Learn about the Healthcare services they provide and contact them for your Healthcare needs


Share your experiences for others to learn about what to expect from Healthcare providers

A purpose build platform and a needs-based initiative

One Place for you to Find, Learn, Contact and Share Healthcare services and support for your allergies

An Allergy Life Australia Initiative

Allergy Life Health is an initiative proudly brought to Australians by Allergy Life Australia: a national non-profit registered charity organisation.

Allergy Life Australia provides information, support, care and access through a range of modern initiatives such as Friendly Food and Drink Venues and the My Allergy Card to improve the lives and lifestyles of Australians living with allergies. We are inclusive of anyone that has or is living with someone that has intolerances and/or autoimmune conditions that share similar symptoms and day-to-day challenges with allergies.

Click below to learn more about what we do for the Australian allergy community.

Do you have a recommendation to add or improve Allergy Life Health?

Allergy Life Health is always looking at ways to add more features and update our platform to improve the overall experience for our users. Whether it is to add provider types, add conditions, include more features/billings linked to your health circumstances, or an element that will improve your experience when seeking Healthcare Providers for your allergies, we want to hear from you.

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More from Allergy Life Australia

Join Free online peer support groups made for Australian children, young people, adults, families, and more living with allergies. 

Discover Friendly Food & Drink Venues that cater to those wanting to eat and drink with Allergies, Intolerances and Autoimmune Conditions.

The My Allergy Card is a Visual Allergy Alert to Communicate Your Allergies On The Go! Free for Australians with allergies.

DISCLAIMER: “Allergy Life Health” is an initiative proudly brought to Australians by Allergy Life Australia: a national non-profit registered charity. The information provided on Allergy Life Australia is to generally educate and inform you about living with allergies, intolerances, and autoimmune conditions, and is not intended as medical instruction or as a substitute for diagnosis, examination and advice by a qualified healthcare provider. The information is subject to change without notice. Although Allergy Life Australia undertakes reasonable efforts to keep the information in “Allergy Life Health” up to date, Allergy Life Australia does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or in any way endorse the individuals described therein. In no event shall Allergy Life Australia be liable for any decision made or action taken in reliance on the information contained therein.

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