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If you offer services for Australians with Allergies, Allergy Life Health is a central location for your services to be found (for those that need them).

Creating a FREE Verified Provider Listing will list your services along with other allergy Healthcare providers who are supporting Australians with allergies. This will also allow your services to be shared with the community (locally and nationally), connect with people who need your assistance, build your reputation, and enable positive health outcomes for Australians with allergies.

Build Your Reputation- An Allergy Life Health verified provider profile will increase your online reputation amongst those with allergies who need your services. This includes intolerances and autoimmune conditions. 

A Modern Digital Platform- Allergy Life Health is a modern digital platform with advanced listing search functionality, Google Maps integration, an instant moderated reputation system, online booking links and more. Allergy Life Health will ensure your services will find those who need them.

Meaningful Insights- With your dedicated provider Dashboard, you can view insights on how many views your listing has had, manage your reviews, add your bookmarks and more.

Allergy Community Credibility- You will be listed along with other trusted providers on a platform run by Allergy Life Australia, a non-profit charity dedicated to supporting those living with allergies in Australia.

Allergy Life Health also lists public profiles of Healthcare providers and businesses that publicly state they provide allergy Healthcare services. These profiles are not created by their owners and can be claimed. Scroll below to learn more.


One Location for Australians with Allergies to Find Allergy Healthcare Services

Verified versus Public Providers

Healthcare Providers are added through “Verified Provider Profiles’ or ‘Public Provider Profiles’ on Allergy Life Health. 

  • Verified Provider Profiles- This is when a Healthcare provider creates an account and registers with Allergy Life Health as a provider. Verified Provider Profiles also allow verified users to reply to community reviews.

  • Public Provider Profiles- Allergy Life Health creates public profiles of Healthcare providers and organisations that publicly state they provide Healthcare services for the community. These profiles contain all the providers’ public information and require providers to claim them in order to reply to community review and make updates. Public profiles can be claimed to be verified (Click here to read more).

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Already listed on Allergy Life Health?

Allergy Life Health lists public profiles of Australian healthcare providers and organisations publicly stating they provide healthcare services for the community.

These general profiles are not created by their owners and can be claimed by the verified provider.

If you have found a profile with your details, you can claim this profile to manage and update your details, reply to reviews and add any details that can help the allergy community.

Please Note: To claim your listing, you must create a FREE Allergy Life Health provider profile first.

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