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Allergy problems are ranging from very serious, can be fatal (such as peanut and dairy allergies) to troublesome (such as skin rash, abdominal bloating/pain). Many common and illnesses—from hay fever, asthma, sinusitis, conjunctivitis, food allergy, food intolerance, hives, to eczema—can be triggered or exacerbated by an allergic reaction. It results in many complaints and ailments such as itchy skin/nose/eyes, rashes, sneezing, sinuses congestion/pain, snoring, headache, abdominal pain/bloating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation, irritable, crying, poor growth ect…

Allergy Doctors are very experienced in allergy diagnosis and management of all allergies related problems in both adults and children. We offer a wide range of allergy related problems such as hay fever, asthma, sinusitis, conjunctivitis, food allergy, food intolerance, hives, swelling, eczema, dermatitis, latex and pet allergy

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  • Juryl F
    Juryl F
    in the last week

    These reviews had me so worried I was so nervous. Saw Dr Hahn who was lovely! He listened to my symptoms and decided on the relevant tests. I got tested for 27 allergens and reacted badly to 4 which helped me a lot. Total price was $324 and $36 cash back from Medicare. This is the expected price from any allergy specialist. Dr educated me on different treatment options and said to go home and think about it. Dr Hahn is straight to the point but does listen to what you’re concerned about. Would recommend.

  • Nicolau Andres Thio

    Excellent professionals! Just expanding on a simple review after looking at other bad reviews. The doctor I saw was professional and happy to do keep me around for a second round of testing to make sure we knew what I was allergic to. I can see that he might be a bit too abrupt for some of the patients but I found him direct, straight to the point and very helpful. The process to get immunotherapy treatment organised was fast and easy, and I am confident I am getting the treatment I need. Would definitely come back again.

  • A J
    A J
    a month ago

    This review is in regards to a visit that happened last year which has stuck with me until now. Dr Danh on the other hand was super unprofessional. Tone was very condescending and rushed through the entire process. Would not recommend him again. Believe the low reviews around him. No hate towards to the receptionists. They were lovely. However I wouldn't come back again.

  • S P N
    S P N
    4 months ago

    Overall a good experience. Pricing was very reasonable and transparent compared to other places for similar services. Only downfall I would agree with other reviews is that the Dr we saw was very short with his responses and not very interested in opening conversation, very quick to get you out and move on. Was given reading material on long term treatments but that is where it ended, there was no personal chat about these treatment options. Reception staff were lovely. I would go back due to the price competitiveness. I do think the Dr needs to consider really changing their approach with patients as I do believe your current negative reviews will change for the better. Thank you for the service non the less and I hope you don't take this review as negative but more so as constructive feedback as I do believe with a bit of tweaking your service can be be outstanding.

  • Brayden Davenport
    Brayden Davenport
    a month ago

    Not aimed at the doctors of the clinic who are genuinely hard working in my experience, however the receptionists are terrible at their job and are completely incompetent. Just got off the phone an hour ago with a girl who was extremely unprofessional. My medication takes two months to arrive, and yet there’s a delay, fair enough stuff happens, however the moment that the clinic became aware of a delay it should be their responsibility to let their patients know, I would have driven almost two hours there just to be told that the appointment is useless, since there was a delay I wasn’t made aware of. Completely unacceptable and something needs to be done to rectify this, considering it’s impacting my health further by waiting for treatment and it’s cost me just under 1.3K to order the medication

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