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Our group of Consultant Physicians operates exclusively in the field of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, caring for paediatric and adult patients. All of our doctors are specifically trained in allergy and immunology and hold both specialist physician and pathology qualifications. We offer a broad range of diagnostic and management services. Our primary aim is to provide to patients and their referring doctors a high quality, comprehensive assessment, based on a detailed history and appropriate investigations.


  • Dr. Shane Kelly- MBBCH(HONS), FRACP, FRCPA
  • Dr. Sameer Malik- MBBS, FRACP, MIPH

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  • Laurent Harris
    Laurent Harris
    3 months ago

    Don't go there. No parking at all and my wife is disabled in a wheelchair and only 1 disabled parking spot. Drove around for 1 hour and still no parking. Staff told me over the phone doctor was running late and couldn't give us a time so i cancelled. Not going there again considering you can't park. No way. There is no where in the WORLD where you would need to drive 1 hour to find parking. It's a disgrace!!

  • Artem
    10 months ago

    Honestly Dr. Headley has changed my life. I went from a complete 24/7 nightmare with daily use of antihistamines and rescue inhalers to being lightly medicated and needing rescue meds every few months thanks to finally identifying what’s triggering my symptoms and doing immunotherapy. Thank you ❤️

  • Penny Brook
    Penny Brook
    2 years ago

    After two years of treatment Dr Kelly discontinued randomly on the same day that he told me I would need to continue receiving weekly injections for some time. I lost my investment of time and money, over 100 hours attending appointments. I received no benefit in terms of relief of symptoms. At all costs do not attend this doctor for immunotherapy, it is an incredible waste of time and money. The clinic is also poorly managed, in the space of 1 week I had multiple text messages and three different people provide me with entirely contradictory information, telling me that they would be refunding the cost of medication to discontinue treatment and telling me I had to continue treatment weekly. I cannot discourage people enough from wasting their time and subjecting themselves to bullying and abuse.

  • Cc Lehner
    Cc Lehner
    a year ago

    They ripped me off. I came in with my son on the Friday and they conned me in to some immunotherapy for him. Anyways I cancelled it on the Sunday and told them to cancel my credit card and not put order thru. Apparently you have 24hrs to cancel, however they took my money out on the Friday for the treatment, and if not open on the weekend should not have put my sons treatment order thorough to Monday. Anyway after I put the cancellation thru on Sunday they told me on Monday I couldn’t cancel, that’s because they took my money unauthorised on Friday. Rip off place.

  • Laura Napoli
    Laura Napoli
    a year ago

    Dr Alexander Headley was amazing! We had an appointment for our 2.5 yr old we have been having problems with what we thought was food allergies this was a second opinion for us and he really cleared things up for us, after a Pric test from the lovely nurse Norma results were carefully explained by Alex and he recommended our next move. A very pleasant experience overall

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