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Welcome to the Australian Allergy Centre
Leaders in Allergy, ENT and GP shared care.
At the Australian Allergy Centre our aim is to increase access to allergy diagnosis and management for all Australians.

Since 2015, we’ve helped more than 20,000 patients get answers sooner to a range of allergy and ENT related conditions. We strive to deliver a comprehensive approach to testing and managing your allergy and ENT concerns.

Our allergy team of doctors and nurses can arrange on-site allergy testing, diagnosis and treatment. Wherever required, we also co-ordinate access to a range of interdisciplinary specialists.

To see how we can help your condition, book an appointment today. No referral is required!

Let us help you get answers, so you can get well sooner.

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  • Dr Michael Shen
  • Dr Avril Elachi

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29 reviews
  • Sichen Liu
    Sichen Liu
    2 months ago

    The two stars are credit to the receptionist who is very friendly and helpful, though she can't do much things but I should apologies to her for being quite emotional. My experience with the Australian Allergy Center has been extremely disappointing, primarily due to the abysmal time management and lackluster service. During my first visit, I waited for over an hour before being seen by the doctor, and unfortunately, my second visit was even worse. Despite scheduling myself as the first patient of the day for my initial injection at 10 am in an attempt to avoid long waits, I still found myself waiting excessively. After receiving my initial injection, I was instructed to wait for 30 minutes to see the doctor to ensure I didn't have a severe reaction to the medication. I double check with the receptionist, she again confirmed I have to see the doctor before I can leave. However, I ended up waiting for an hour, witnessing two patients who arrived after me being seen before me. When I raised my concerns with the reception about the lengthy wait, she called the doctor, who then said I can leave if I feel okay. The an hour wait here sounds like a joke. Due to the long wait in this clinic, I told the receptionist I want to take my medicine to my GP for future injections due to the lengthy wait here. Then I've been told me in that case I still need to wait for the doctor as she doesn't have authority to release the medicine, Okay, not too long wait this time, Finally met the doctor, who informed me that it would be risky to take the medication to the GP as they don't have any ice packs, I had to go out of my way to find a solution, obtaining ice from a nearby café to keep the medicine cool. Highlighted and bold, remember to bring your cooler if you want to take your medicine to GP. Additionally, the doctor made changes to my injection schedule without providing any explanation, leaving me confused about the new intervals and relying on the receptionist to clarify, despite still being charged a hefty consultancy fee of $110. There were two receptionist there, I think one of them worked there for quite a while as I met her in my first visit, she was trying to get the nurse to explain for me, the other receptionist seems to be new and she kept telling me though they can't understand schedule but she is very sure my GP will, all I felt is she tried to stop me asking and push me outside the door. Overall, my experience at the Australian Allergy Center was highly disappointing, and I hope to avoid the need for future visits. updated 04.03.2024 I recently received a call from the principal doctor at the Allergy Center, addressing a miscommunication issue from my last visit. Not only did they take the time to explain the situation thoroughly, but they also conducted internal meetings and reviews to prevent similar occurrences in the future. Furthermore, the clinic has taken proactive steps to enhance patient comfort by providing cooling packs for medication administration, which demonstrates their commitment to improving the overall experience. I appreciate the efforts made by the team to rectify the situation and their evident concern for patient well-being. Consequently, I am revising my rating to 4 stars, acknowledging their dedication to communication and patient care

  • ze zhang
    ze zhang
    2 months ago

    Thank you Dr Michael Shen for helping me treat my allergies, nasal congestion and significantly reduced my snoring. He also helped me quit smoking and helped my wife fix her allergies so now both of us can have a good night sleep everyday and enjoy our lives.

  • Mario Akram
    Mario Akram
    8 months ago

    Dr Yu is an amazing doctor. He’s approachable and easy to talk to. He takes his time and treats you like a person. He’s empathetic and thorough.

  • H M
    H M
    11 months ago

    I highly recommend seeing Dr Shen for allergies. He has treated my severe hay fever really well and completely improved my quality of life! The best, most compassionate and knowledgeable doctor.

  • Rekke
    a year ago

    Was well worth the time and money, very insightful tests that have helped me make drastic changes in my life. Despite having no desire to take the medications perscribed, the actual diagnosis of allergies to items on the panel was incredibly useful. Friendly staff and overall positive experience.

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