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Chandlers Hill Surgery is committed to providing you and your family with personalised, professional, quality healthcare across a wide range of medical and support services.

Dr Paul Russo is a specialist Immunologist, Allergist Rheumatologist currently consulting at Chandlers Hill Surgery.

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  • Ryszard Kielpikowski
    Ryszard Kielpikowski
    5 months ago

    The doctors do not bulk bill. The doctors do not do every day check ups,such as heart beat lungs breathing or blood pressure. This surgery has depleted their service credibility and their integrity after the main doctors partners left the business and sold their interests to new doctors. I was a customer here for 25 years and now so disappointed in their operations. But the office staff and nurses here are so good.KUDOS TO THEM.

  • Nicole Pope
    Nicole Pope
    2 months ago

    Appalling treatment. Only interested in treating wealthy patients and will deliberately drive you away if you can’t afford their exorbitant fees despite being chronically ill and vulnerable. Doctor was rude, and abusively gaslighting and left me very distressed and shaking after abusive phone call from her. Definitely do not recommend. Seem to have forgotten medical doctors are supposed to be in the care service for the community.

  • Christine Vangemert
    Christine Vangemert
    5 months ago

    Very professional and thorough practise. As appointment times were getting scarce I changed practises but soon had a second opinion with Dr. Rachel Chen and she went above and beyond to help me. I'll never change doctor practises again. Can't recommend her and staff enough. Big thank you!

  • Kirsty Harrison
    Kirsty Harrison
    4 months ago

    Dr George Choimes is a legend. The perfect balance of experience, knowledge, empathy, warmth and listening skills. He’s willing to go above and beyond to provide the best care and advice, and will not rush you. If he is not happy with certain places or people he won’t refer you to them, provided there’s better options available.

  • Heidy Katheryn
    Heidy Katheryn
    3 months ago

    The only practitioner I could get an appointment was Sim Nyomi and her “treatment” was to Google my baby’s problem and sent me the link to my phone so I could treat my baby myself at home, I mean if it was so simple why did she have to Google it? Ridiculous, lack of professionalism and waste of time.

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