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As Paediatric Allergy and Immunology Physicians, we are specialists in treating allergies in children (including food, medication, dust, grass/pollen and pet allergies). We also treat diseases that affect the immune system like immunodeficiency. Understanding the unique needs of children is part of our profession. The Children’s Allergy Clinic aims to help your child develop to their full potential.

The Children’s Allergy Clinic provides a holistic approach to our patients. We aim to make your child’s experience at the doctor enjoyable.


The most common reason to refer to our speciality is food allergy. Being a paediatric speciality we tailor your child’s treatment plan to their life stage and nutritional needs. We ensure they grow and develop to their full potential.  We also understand the challenges that may come with having a food allergy as an adolescent, and are here to help manage these issues. Finally we recognise the stress that can arise when caring for a child with a food allergy and our overall aim of practice is to make living with a food allergy easy for you and your child.


In addition to treating allergy in children we are also trained to look after conditions that may affect your child’s immune system. This includes conditions where the immune system is under-active (immunodeficiency) or over-active (e.g. recurrent fever syndromes).


  • Dr Chaitanya Bodapati- MBBS, MMed (Paeds), FRACP Paediatric Allergy and Immunology Specialist General Paediatrician
  • Dr Margaret Li- BSc (Adv), MBBS, DCH, GradDipAllergicDis, FRACP Paediatric Allergy and Immunology Specialist General Paediatrician
  • Priya Bhojwani- Paediatric Clinical Dietitian

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11 reviews
  • M W
    M W
    a year ago

    We are very happy with Dr Chai. She is knowledgeable, warm-hearted and attentive. The costs have been clear upfront. The team around her is very friendly. Her rooms are clean and modern. Compared to experiences with a different doctor at another clinic, our visit to this clinic was a delight. Highly recommend!

  • Jenifer Mendoza
    Jenifer Mendoza
    a year ago

    Dr Chai reviewed both my kids and I am very happy with the consultation. She's very warm and excellent with children. I didn't feel rushed at all. She explained things thoroughly and was happy to go over anything I didn't understand. I highly recommend Dr Chai.

  • meghan gupta
    meghan gupta
    3 years ago

    We were referred to see Dr Chai for our 8 month old son and were beyond happy! Not only in her knowledge and skill but also in her warm and friendly approach. She made us feel welcome along with her receptionist and explained our son's condition in terminology we understood, answered all our questions and queries without rushing us. We feel so reassured and confident with the diagnosis and what we need to do now, it's nice to have a doctor take the time and really care for our son's health. The ongoing support and follow-up has been outstanding, great service. Would highly recommend Dr Chai to all.

  • Kirsty M
    Kirsty M
    12 months ago

    Dr Chai is so wonderful. Super thorough, excellent people skills. Cannot speak highly enough of her. Nothing but a pleasant experience.

  • Emily B
    Emily B
    2 years ago

    Our GP recommended Dr Chai and we're grateful that she did. We were consistently reassured by Dr Chai's knowledge and patience when explaining allergies and guidance on what to do between appointments. I appreciated that Dr Chai was contactable when issues arose and always gave sensible advice. Dr Chai assisted us in taming our daughters ezcema which was complicating the suspected allergies. Lisa, the receptionist is also professional, switched on and a pleasure to converse with. Needless to say I'd recommend this practice.

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