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Clinical Immunology at Fiona Stanley Hospital provides a comprehensive service for adults and children with immune disorders including allergy, autoimmune diseases and immunodeficiency. Conditions seen by the department include:

allergy and related disorders such as:

  • food allergy and anaphylaxis
  • anaphylaxis due to insect stings/bites
  • respiratory allergic disease including allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and sinusitis, with or without asthma
  • atopic dermatitis (eczema), in conjunction with the Dermatology department
  • chronic urticaria (hives)
  • drug allergy

autoimmune and related diseases such as:

  • systemic autoimmune disease, for example lupus, Sjogren syndrome, scleroderma
    autoinflammatory disorders
  • vasculitis
  • myositis
  • neuro-immune disorders
  • adverse effects from immune-based therapies
  • primary and secondary / acquired immune deficiency, including complications from immune suppressive treatment and HIV infection.

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  • Patrisha Rasberry
    Patrisha Rasberry
    a week ago

    Massive shout out to the Respiratory Ward!!! Most of the team- so kind, caring, compassionate, professional, organised and really nurse patients back to health. You listen and truly aim for recovery. From Arron the head nurse, to the rest and students; Thank you for all you do and integrity with a smile each shift!! Dr. Yagnik, Dr. Lauren and team! ER- still an organised chaos but much better than years ago so keep at it. Dr. Ian is A LEGEND!!! The Transit Lounge staff are lovely but need someone in charge of shifts with confidence. When a patient with pneumonia and Bells Palsy has to wheelchair back up 5 levels to sort out something within 5 minutes, you couldn't do in nearly five hours is appalling. There needed to be someone who made that call/trip instead of me and my "lift" who'd been there for over three hours at that stage. I also liked seeing "Aishwarya's Care Call" posters everywhere. It's unimaginably terrible it took a tragedy to launch it but good to see that additional contact number just in case one is uneasy at any time during their hospital visit.

  • Guna P
    Guna P
    3 weeks ago

    I would like to appreciate the two staff at NUC MED who called me & attended my tests (sorry, I could not remember the names). They had done an excellent job. The two ladies Staff who called me for Scan & Stress test to the rooms had shown their professionalism and made me feel very comfortable. Their skills, loving & kind words, smile on face, care etc were remarkable & definitely help any patient to feel so safe and comfortable. I hope that the Authorities make other staff also follow the same though not bad and rather than basics. Great Work.

  • Ted Jansen
    Ted Jansen
    2 months ago

    Great Hospital, Well trained staff, from orderlies to doctors and all very efficient yet cute and very sweet nurses and technical operators. A beehive of activity yet all friendly smiles. Staff remembered my illnesses and incidents far better than I could, just reciting it off without a list. Wow! I am impressed. Could not ask for better. Wish I could give each person I met a gift. "Fiona Stanley Hospital, a haven of comfort striving to cure." At the Transit-Exit-Lounge they serve free sandwiches. Serving is done by Volunteers, but you are allowed to ask when volunteers are off duty. At the Emergency Triage Waiting Room, there are Vending-Machines selling cheese, chicken, beef and ham sandwiches, costing $9.70 each. Other machines sell snacks and coffee. If you can't walk a volunteer or passing nurse can be asked to assist. The nurse who assisted me welcomed my request and I felt that I should have asked sooner. We felt like family exchanging words. Yes the wait can be long but I assure you that in hospitals abroad it can be double the time some folks complain about here. Patients even have to take their own bedding and night clothes with them to hospital. Australia is a lucky country.

  • Nadia Martin
    Nadia Martin
    3 weeks ago

    I am 65 years old and I am very happy the way the staff treated me in emergency. They checked everything and we're very thorough. The staff also were very good in ED, I have one complaint, the doctors visit before they came to speak to me on my last day the doctors t talking outside my room I heard the Lady doctor talk loud she didn't seem happy the way she spoke, she said.what! 65 years old I couldn't here the rest of her conversation, she did not sound happy, they came in and asked questions, the went check my stomach, because I have colitis and salmonella poisoning, he hardly touched me and asked me If felt anything, I said no, I felt nothing, of I checked when they left and was very sore, they said they were going to send a physio to see me, not long after I am told I going home, within a very short time I am sent home

  • Vinny
    a week ago

    Was admitted here last week on a Wednesday due to a sudden episode of pancreatitis. I was in the waiting room for possibly 2 and a half hours or so before I was seen (the waiting room wasn't too busy while I was there, but I have experienced it being very busy in the past and having to wait 15 hours or more). The ER staff, and the nurses, doctors and surgeon team on the surgery ward were almost all amazing. The bedside manner of most of the nurses was perfect. They were kind, understanding, funny and made me feel comfortable in a place where I was extremely uncomfortable. In the ER room, the nurses and doctors were on top of things and were all lovely people. I had a student doctor from ECU who took care of me and despite being a student, she was excellent at her job and especially her bedside manner. I sadly cannot remember her name, but she was a student doctor from ECU (I believe in her 7th semester), thin build, Asian race with glasses. She was a lovely woman and would make an amazing doctor in the future. I only had one average experience with a nurse, but perhaps our personalities just didn't fit well, so she came off as a little abrasive or as if she was in a bad mood. Other than that, everyone else was amazing. The most memorable nurse I had (I believe his name was Ethan) was a lovely guy to chat to, and took very good care providing multiple ice packs and checking in frequently when giving me 4 bags of potassium IV. He was constantly cracking jokes with me and asking me questions which helped ease my anxiety a lot. The Surgeon I spoke to, I believe his name was Sean, was also a very nice man. Helped me calm my anxiety about the surgery by answering all my questuon regardless of how silly I felt they were, and despite not being able to recieve surgery at this hospital, he referred me to Fremantle hospital where I was taken excellent care of and recieved the surgery within the same day of arrival.

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