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Discover Health’s dietitians have been working since 2004. Many of our dietitians have grown up and/or live in the local area (or are local to one of our other locations).

In 2010 they began practising under the Discover Health name and moved to their own premises. This helped to reduce waiting times associated with limited room availability at other premises. They were joined by a team of psychologists, massage and acupuncture practitioners and have since been joined by remedial massage and speech pathologists. This team of complementary health professionals work together to help you achieve your goals.

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  • Anonymous
    a year ago

    I started seeing Vanessa recently and she is incredibly compassionate. I am very grateful to have come across a Dietician with the knowledge and understanding that Vanessa has. My health wouldn’t be where it is now without her. The guidance and support she has provided me with has been very encouraging and left me feeling empowered to take charge of my journey. Vanessa has been an enormous help to me. The receptionists have also been welcoming. I can confidently say I would recommend Discover Health to everyone and anyone.

  • Kat
    10 months ago

    I requested an appointment with Vanessa based on my GP's referral but was told she wasn't taking patients so the lovely receptionist recommended a different dietician. The dietician went through a few things and actually asked me what I needed from her, I don't know what I need to do, hence why I needed to see a dietician. She ended up giving me a meal plan that consisted solely of the foods I told her I had eaten the month before, with no new suggestions at all. She was so nice, but wasn't able to help me with my eating disorder.

  • Matt Young
    Matt Young
    3 years ago

    I saw Vanessa Drew as part of my preparation for a sports endurance event to ensure I was getting the right nutrition for both training and also during the event. She was very helpful and the advice she gave definitely helped give me the confidence to know I wouldn't run out of energy during the event if I followed her advice. I successfully completed that event and more since then. I would highly recommend a visit to Discover Health if you need advice from a dietician.

  • Bryony Masten
    Bryony Masten
    3 years ago

    Can't speak highly enough of the team at Discover Health. Have been seeing Vanessa on and off for over a decade and her advice and unwavering support has been a literal lifesaver. I also saw Renske for a number of years and her passion and dedication to her work are second to none. Definitely recommend Discover Health!

  • Nikki Reid
    Nikki Reid
    3 years ago

    Vanessa is fantastic. After many years of being unwell and seeing many specialists, Vanessa was the person who finally helped me get some answers and work out what was causing the problems. I have recommended her to many friends and they have all had great service too.

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