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Over the last 50 years we have seen a significant increase in allergy in Australia and around the world.  One in three people is affected by an allergic condition during their lifetime. As a consequence, there is a rising demand for research, expertise, and treatment services.

Dr Jody Tansy is an Allergist and Clinical Immunologist who places an emphasis on patient education and empowerment.  After graduating as a doctor from the University of Western Australia, Dr Tansy became fascinated by the complex and ingenious immune system.  It was a natural progression when she decided to pursue specialist training in Allergy and Immunology and she received her Fellowship from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians in 2016.

In her practice, Dr Tansy is dedicated to keeping up-to-date with the latest treatment options to provide each and everyone of her patients with the best personalised and professional care.

Dr Tansy grew up in Perth where she lives with her husband, five children, two dogs and a cat. And yes, she, her husband, and all her children are allergic to the cat!

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  • Andrea
    2 months ago

    Have seen Jody for close to three years now and find her very professional and caring. Her staff always follows up on questions per phone calls or emails. In my case I had a question related to my allergy when I was overseas, which was addressed very quickly and got the desired results. I can highly recommend Jodi and her team, you will be in good hands.

  • Matthew Pryce
    Matthew Pryce
    10 months ago

    Saw Jody Tansy for allergy testing as referred by my GP for a antibiotic allergic reaction. Was unwilling to do the testing or follow up, paid $300 to have a 5 minute talk and a 40 minute drive both ways. I would say it was an inefficient use of my time and no follow up has been received regarding this.

  • Peter Gell
    Peter Gell
    a year ago

    Went to jody to try and get an exemption for the covid vaccine, due to a history of vaccine reactions that have resulted in chronic medical conditions. ( allopecia etc) Was met with hostility and lack of empathy when i tried to explain my story. "So, are you anti -vax?" was the first question. umm i have a medical condition. She had no intention of giving anyone an exemption regardless of their past. Was then forced to pay $400 for a 10 minute consult. Do not go to this doctor.

  • Nancy Lin
    Nancy Lin
    2 years ago

    Great staff and Dr Tansy was helpful. However: I had an appointment with Dr Tansy on the 2 Aug 2021. I was expecting to receive my initial injection which is part of a long term treatment for my grass allergy (hayfever). I was taken by surprise that I was not going to have my initial injection as the pharmaceutical product needed to be ordered from Spain. I signed the script/form with my credit card details. The form would then be either faxed or emailed to the company in Spain so that my injections would be made under my name. Later, I was expected to pay $120 (Medicare rebate around $60) for a

  • Sarah White
    Sarah White
    a year ago

    Dr Tansey was very helpful and kind when treating my allergy issues. Not sure she deserves a low rating just because anti-vaxers are angry that she wont bend rules, but I guess that's life.

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