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Dr Falk is a medical specialist in Allergy and Immunology.  She completed her medical training at New South Wales University and later completed her basic physician/specialist training while working at Nepean and Westmead hospitals.  She then completed her specialist training in adult Allergy and Immunology at Westmead Hospital before furthering her training as the Immunology Fellow at the Children’s Hospital Westmead, focussing on paediatric allergy.

After leaving the public hospital system she worked in private practice servicing the Hawkesbury area until 2011 when she worked in rooms with Drs. Baumgart & Broadfoot at St Leonards and Wahroonga.

Dr Falk started Northern Sydney Allergy in 2014 to allow her to focus her interest on the treatment of allergies and related conditions in both adults and children in a caring and friendly environment. A key goal goal has been able to provide comprehensive care, including adequate time to fully explain the difficulties and management in a plain language to help patients fully understand what is happening.

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  • Y L
    Y L
    2 years ago

    Dr Monica Falk was amazing in her recommendations for my son's food allergy treatment. She did a comprehensive past medical history survey and was detailed in her examination. We had to do a food challenge and a nurse was present there to observe any reactions. It was organised and timely unlike another allergist I saw. Her food tolerance recommendations was practical and more convenient for parents. I would highly recommend any patient who has been suffering allergies to have a consultation with her.

  • Rosina Sharma
    Rosina Sharma
    2 years ago

    Dr Falk was very informative and friendly. However for some odd reason the receptionist was quite rude on the way out after we paid. I asked a question about the medicare rebate which she had apparently repeated to which she aggressively responded "didnt you hear what I said?" It took us a moment (I was there with my grown up kids) a minute to process the comment outside but we decided to return and cancel the subsequent appointment because of this.

  • Marta Citterico
    Marta Citterico
    2 years ago

    Dr Falk is amazing and helped immensely with my baby allergies and intolerances. She quickly picked up on the issue which went unnoticed by several GPs and midwives. The team at the office is also great and very helpful. I highly recommend this practice.

  • M andi
    M andi
    3 years ago

    Dr Monica is without a doubt the best doctor that we have seen and has helped our child immensely with allergies and skin issues. We cannot recommend her highly enough. She is also incredibly warm and personable and has always made us feel heard and understood, even for the most trivial queries. Medical profession is privileged to have her. We were lucky to find her.

  • Ash van der Spuy
    Ash van der Spuy
    2 years ago

    This has been the best medical experience of my life. Dr Falk explained to me what 3 doctors and 5 dermatologists couldn't. She made sure to not send me for any unnecessary tests, was diligent and thorough, and very clear where she could and could not help, what her expertise is and what I should talk to other experts about. If you think you have an allergy, I can not recommend her highly enough

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