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Dr Tatjana Banovic graduated with her MBBS from the University of Belgrade, where she also undertook doctoral studies in the area of inflammation and immune aspects of wound healing. She then undertook further clinical studies leading to dual immunopathology/clinical immunology fellowship. This was followed by Research Fellowship at the Department of Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Auckland and Postdoctoral Fellowship with Professor Geoff Hill at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Brisbane where she studied various aspects of allogeneic bone marrow transplantation and graft versus host disease. She then undertook further clinical studies towards the FRCPA at the Royal Brisbane Hospital and Queensland Pathology and obtained the Fellowship of the RCPA in 2010. Dr Tatjana Banovic has since held Consultant Pathologist position at Department of Immunology, SA Pathology at both IMVS and FMC sites. She holds Senior Clinical Lecturer position at the University of Adelaide and Flinders University,

She has been active in professional associations including ASI, ASCIA and TSANZ.

Although active across a wide spectrum of immunological disorders, Tatjana Banovic’s chief clinical and research interest has been in primary immunodeficiency diseases and immune dysregulation following bone marrow transplantation. She has published in high impact factor journals such as Blood, Nature, and Journal of Experimental Medicine.

Another strong professional interest is training new generations of immunologists and supervision of PhD students with interest in immunology research.

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