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Box Hill Hospital runs a clinic for the assessment, investigation and management of adult allergies, paediatric allergies and immunological conditions.

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  • Ulli Stanway
    Ulli Stanway
    a month ago

    Went to ED via ambulance & these guys are fabulous! So caring and patient. Even if they are quite snowed under, they take their time to listen and look after everybody as quickly as possible. Modern facility as well. I’m deeply grateful for everything they do.

  • Kat C
    Kat C
    4 years ago

    This is difficult because I’ve stayed at Box Hill Hospital three times now and the past two times would have been 5 star ratings. The staff seem to care a lot and treated me really well. On the plus side this time they rushed me through ED and got me a bed and medicine really quickly. That was really nice since I was in incredible pain. They also got me in to an MRI really quickly when I needed one. So that was awesome. What really took away from the experience was the wait I had to see a doctor overnight. I had asked for a breast exam which was outside of my treatment otherwise and the nurse promised I would see a doctor about it. I waited 12-hours with a sore breast, asking my nurse every time only to be told that was something they would not perform as I was being transferred. Even now I have to wait to see a GP after undergoing treatment at two hospitals. Also, I understand there are always bed shortages but my roommates were difficult and made me feel uncomfortable - one even walked into my section of the room a couple times and was way too close to me. Even after I told her I was trying to sleep! If I hadn’t had a back issue I would have moved away since I was really uncomfortable. I told this to the nursing staff and this coupled by my next roommate needing the bathroom a lot and the door not being closed made me feel really uncomfortable in my room. When I needed the bathroom it was almost as if I was an inconvenience as I needed a wheelchair to take me to the next available toilet. The staff seemed to resent me at that point and I think we were both relieved to see me transferred. A lot of times the staff said they were “really busy” which I understand this is probably the one place you can get away with this excuse in the workplace but it just didn’t really make me feel great. They had me thinking I was a nuisance by the time I left! Too bad too as my first couple experiences were great.

  • Amanda
    2 years ago

    The Acute Inpatient team will take care of your child very well, stabilize them in preparation for out-patient treatment and support. They are professional, caring and have provided a critical service. The outpatient CYMHS team (a separate but connected team) was not a good experience so I recommend you try to be flexible if your child doesn't "click" with their support Psych.

  • Amanda Pockett
    Amanda Pockett
    a year ago

    Absolutely shocking adult mental health services. High turnover of psychiatrists leaving clients with inconsistent care, over medicated and if you are a carer trying to communicate with any of the psychiatrists , I wish you luck. They are cold, uncompassionate, cold, condescending, and not committed to recovery outcomes. Should you have a complex adult with complex mental health issues they will play the ‘consent’ game to their advantage. We have been unacknowledged on many occasions , misinformed, my husband mistaken for our son and accused of being interferring.We’ve had family meetings arranged and not been informed until an hour before it was due to go ahead. They have discharged our son , waiting for the worst scenario to happen even though we had many of his care team sending information weekly to foresee the deterioration and trying to prevent something horrible happening. A week prior to a horrible outcome at the centre happening psychiatrist said - quote “ Unfortunately there are many parents like you, many clients like your son and they often end up incarcerated, overdosed or dead”. Eastern Health adult mental health services definitely do not like to be questioned on their decisions and will not be held accountable, and only selectively answer any questions.Certainly not a pro active, preventative service, just a reactive one. Please look elsewhere for care of your loved ones- because you won’t find any love there.

  • Albert Foong
    Albert Foong
    3 years ago

    I've been here a couple times over the past few years at the Emergency Dept, they've been fantastic. Yes there's a wait but that's to be expected as the injuries we've suffered are relatively small compared to the others that have shown up. The people are warm and caring and friendly.

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