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Epworth Allergy Services provides a comprehensive service for children and adults with allergic and immune disorders.

It is the only private practice in Australia providing a day stay inpatient admission service for the safe administration of food and medication challenges and subcutaneous immunotherapy and intra-dermal testing. Our doctors take pride in caring for patients with allergic disease including: Allergic rhinitis, Anaphylaxis, Asthma, Drug allergy, Eczema, Food allergy, Insect-sting allergy and Urticaria.

Our clinic sees both adult and paediatric patients with food allergy (both IgE and non-IgE mediated food allergy). Our doctors are also qualified in the comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and management of immunodeficiency disorders.


  • Dr John Ainsworth- Immunology and Allergy, Paediatric Medicine
  • Dr Julian Bosco- Immunology and Allergy

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  • Julie Matthews
    Julie Matthews
    5 months ago

    I have had two total hip replacements and various other tests and procedures at the Epworth Geelong Hotel … oops Hospital! I absolutely 🩷 this hospital and staff. The Epworth Geelong has the latest equipment and technology and the happiest teams. Every room is a single room and the food is delicious (if you are up to it). I can’t praise the Epworth Hotel (done it again - but it feels more like a hotel than a hospital) enough. As a pensioner I am so pleased I have gold level health insurance. I have posted photographs below of me with some of my fellow patients who were having hip or knee replacements. Check out the spiral staircase in the hospital’s/hotel’s reception area.

  • Sam M
    Sam M
    a week ago

    Attended the EW Emergency department over the weekend with an injury (cut). From the beginning at triage right up until discharge (only a few hours later), the team were incredible. During the time we had xrays, clean of the injury and injections, etc. We were in and out within a few hours. The team were so friendly, calm and prompt. Shoutout to Dr Fatima on duty, she was such a caring and wonderful person. Bedside manner 10/10 and she is hilarious!

  • Josh H
    Josh H
    a month ago

    I came in to the emergency department for an X-ray on a Saturday night. Countless comments were made about how quiet they had been. (radiographer mentioned he had managed to watch 2 full movies on his shift) but somehow still managed to be in there for 3 hours. The X-ray confirmed I had a broken finger and required surgery and was then informed that I was not covered through private health, so I was forced to go down the public route. Waited a couple of days and didn’t hear anything so rang Barwon health which I was then informed they never received anything from the epworth, so I had to call the epworth and follow that up myself. Resulting in me not being able to see a surgeon for 6 days. Then after doing some research and speaking to my private health insurance while off work, I found out the epworth gave me the wrong information and I should have been covered due to it being accidental trauma. What should have been sorted in a matter of hours has then dragged out to not having surgery for 2 and a half weeks, in which I could not work

  • Masha Deery
    Masha Deery
    5 months ago

    Extremely disappointed in the Emergency department. Attended as our 16 months old baby girl was sick with fever, rashes, vomitting, loss of appetite and unstoppable crying. Arrived at 10 pm, and was called in at 10:30 pm. Did not get to see any doctors until 3 AM and that was only after I told the nurse for the second time that if no one is coming we would rather go home as my husband has to go to work at 5 Am and my daughter had fallen asleep after crying so much. Eventually the doctor showed up which I believe he was woken up of his asleep and he didn't care to come and check on us. He spent less than 5 min with us only to say "oh it could be hand, foot, mouth disease or could be chicken pox. Give her fluid and if she cannot breath, bring her in". So $287 out of pocket, more than 4 hours of waiting for getting what I had already read on Google search. He didn't even care to do a test or even check our baby's mouth to see if there is any rashes in there. I bet he has spent more time putting on his mask and gloves than seeing us. The nurses were nice but I had to ask them to give us something for the fever of more than 38 degrees. So, I keep thinking why the hell did we even go there if the doctor did not care to find a diagnosis?! A Google search would have given us the same results and we wouldn't be out of pocket for more than $287 and would not have wasted more than 4 hours with a sick child on our hand. If the excuse is " oh we are very busy and short on hospital beds" then maybe you should recruit someone so you would not be wasting your valuable beds for 4 hours for something your doctor spends less than 5 minutes for. This is supposed to be " private" ! Very disappointed. Wouldn't recommend anyone going there.

  • Ratna Leo
    Ratna Leo
    4 months ago

    My dad was admitted to the emergency on 26/12/2023. I cant remember the nurse name (she was originally from Singapore), she was amazing, very gentle, very helpful, very comforting. So gratefully for her and the doctor and all the staff are super nice. thank you for looking after my dad. GBU

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