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As a general paediatric practice run by an experienced paediatrician we can help you with all areas of infant, childhood and adolescent health and developmental concerns.

Dr. Cathy Coates is the director of Fairfield Paediatrics and an experienced paediatrician who lives and works in the local Fairfield community. She has over 8 years of experience as a paediatrician based at Latrobe Regional Hospital in Gippsland and was head of the department for almost 2 years before deciding to return to Melbourne.

Our Paediatric Dietitian is Colleen Oliver, a paediatric dietitian with extensive experience working with infants and young children to manage growth and nutritional issues.

We have a particular interest in making sure unwell children have easy access to rapid, comprehensive assessment and know how important flexibility is for families.

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  • Alia Ali
    Alia Ali
    11 months ago

    Dr Siobhan Mullane has been amazing. Throughout the year that we have been seeing her for my son she has been very caring and understanding. Dr Siobhan is always willing to listen and goes above and beyond for her patients. Highly recommend Fairfield Peadiatricsūüėä

  • Natalie Censori
    Natalie Censori
    a year ago

    Late 2020 my daughter was not walking yet so I was referred to this clinic by a physiotherapist. Dr Cathy thought my daughter had cerebral palsy, which she communicated to me, so I was referred on to the RCH. Turns out, after much monitoring and watching, my daughter actually has nothing wrong with her, but I understand why the doctor may have thought this since my daughters gait was extremely odd. However, in light of a lot of stress that ensued due to this situation, I was dismayed when Dr Cathy tried to gaslight me when I challenged her on some late blood results. She insinuated that I was overly anxious and should see a psychiatrist. At this point I ceased my daughters care with her as I found her unbelievably unempathetic given the circumstances. She was also late to report abnormal results, and I wondered whether she had too much on her plate. My worst experience with a pediatrician ever, and I would therefore not recommend her.

  • Jordee Anderson
    Jordee Anderson
    4 years ago

    I attended Fairfield Paediatrics today to discuss ongoing tummy issues with my 1 year old son. Dr Cathy was patient, knowledgeable and absolutely wonderful. I left the clinic with an action plan, a back up plan and several other answers to random questions I had asked about my son's health. The whole experience was wonderful. I will be recommending Fairfield Paediatrics to any of my friends who need a great paediatrician.

  • Maple Leaf Medical Centre

    Lovely practice with modern and well designed interior. Dr Cathy Coates is really personal, knowledgable, and very warm. I didnt have to wait long to have an appointment, and didnt have to wait long to see her on the day. Absolutely fantastic clinic. Highly recommended for all families !

  • phillipa mcdonald
    phillipa mcdonald
    2 years ago

    This clinic is disgraceful, had to wait 5 months for an appointment only for it to be cancelled a week before. Offering only to find another paediatrician else where and go on their waiting list.

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