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  • Financial assistance available
  • Hearing professionals
  • Leading independent hearing care provider
  • High quality batteries
  • A family owned business

Hearing Professionals are ethical service provider which place the interests of our clients first.
We provide excellence in hearing healthcare using some of the latest technologies, to enhance hearing and quality of life. If you’re living with hearing loss, you may be missing out on all the joys life has to offer. There’s never been a better time to reconnect than right now. There are also many reasons for trusting Hearing Professionals with your hearing health.

Range of Solutions:

  • Advanced Digital Hearing Aids
  • Cochlear Implants (Aka The Bionic Ear)
  • Earwax Management
  • Advanced Treatments For Treating Tinnitus

Our Services:

  • Free digital hearing instruments to eligible pensioners and DVA card holders under the OHS Hearing Services Scheme
  • Workers compensation claims for hearing loss
  • Modern digital hearing aids
  • Comprehensive range of diagnostic hearing tests
  • Noise attenuating hearing plugs
  • Pre-employment hearing tests
  • Workplace hearing tests

Unlike many hearing care providers, Hearing Professionals are not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer. You can be assured that we will offer independent advice and discuss a range of solutions that are best suited to your needs.

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43 reviews
  • Georg G
    Georg G
    2 months ago

    I had tears in my eyes as I realised how much my hearing had deteriorated but the audiologist ignored my distress & focused instead on trying to sell me on the features of the more expensive hearing aids available even following me out of the room to try and convince me after I said I’d think about it. I’d already been put off by her apparent lack of empathy earlier in the appointment when my concerns about my deteriorating hearing loss were brushed off as a part of ageing & missed the caring service I used to receive here from the previous audiologist who seemed to be more interested in me as a person than selling me a product.

  • Bruno Carrera
    Bruno Carrera
    7 months ago

    It was a wonderful service and a wonderful experience. I learned a lot about the hearing aid system and I'm very grateful for the care and love with which I have been treated.

  • Adrian Marulli
    Adrian Marulli
    2 years ago

    After SSNHL made me severely deaf in my right ear Sandra Lee was able to book me in twice with little notice given on my behalf. Absolutely great staff and phenomenal service! The exams were thorough and she took the time to answer any and all questions I had, couldn't have asked for a better audiologist!!

  • Ruth de Assis
    Ruth de Assis
    8 months ago

    Your audiologist should be working with animals or plants, as she clearly doesn’t like people. She put some moody faces on while I made questions. I don’t know anything about tinnitus, I’m not a specialist.

  • Dwayne Andrew
    Dwayne Andrew
    2 years ago

    If you are ever suffering from blocked ears and hearing loss due to wax buildup, and have tried all the various do it yourself solutions with no luck, visit this clinic and try micro-suction. The difference before and after is night and day. Deanna has excellent bedside manner, taking the time to communicate with her patients in detail about the procedure and any concerns you may have. Would highly recommend, absolutely no regrets.

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