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Hills Allergy and Specialists Clinic aims to bring together the skills and expertise required to diagnose and treat allergic and immunological conditions under one roof for children and adults. Allergy and immunology is our main focus, given the great need and scarcity of services in the community.

We aim to provide a complete care for your health concerns in our clinic by a team of experienced and trusted specialists. Over 4 million Australians are living with allergic conditions and this includes allergic rhinitis, food allergies, eczema, and asthma. In children the allergic conditions affect quality of life, quality of sleep, and it can compromise their learning, growth, and behaviour. In adults these conditions affect the quality of life and reduced productivity in education and performance at work.

Our team includes Paediatric Allergist and Immunologists, Adult Allergist and Immunologist, Allergy dietitian, and allergy and immunology trained nursing staff committed to provide a high standard of care to our patients in a family-focused environment. We work as a team with our patients and their families and strive to make sure that your experience with our clinic is as pleasant as possible.We aim to provide a complete care to babies, children, and adults and this includes consultation with an Allergist and Immunologist (paediatric/adult specialist), skin prick tests (SPT), management of allergic diseases, supervised food challenges, immunotherapy to dust mites, pollen, cat/dog, honey bee/wasp, use of biologic agents in severe eczema and other conditions.

All the testing, including skin prick testing and low risk food challenges are performed on site. The ability to perform consultation and skin prick tests on the same day enables us to provide a comprehensive plan for your health condition/diagnosis. The ability to perform low risk food challenges on site advantages our patients by avoiding the long waiting periods which is up to 12-18 months in some public hospitals.

We are conveniently located in the Q-Central building in Bella Vista, NSW opposite the Norwest Private Hospital.

Clinical Team-

  • Dr Narinder Kaur- Paediatric Allergist & Immunologist
  • Dr Shankar Anand- Paediatric Allergist & Immunologist
  • Dr Nicholas Gazy- Adult Allergist and Immunologist
  • Wendy Birks- Specialist Paediatric Dietitian
  • Rebecca Sertori- Allergy Nurse
  • Meaghan Harland- Allergy Nurse
  • Kamille Palma- Allergy Nurse
  • Kate Eisenhuth- Clinical Nurse Specialist

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8 reviews
  • Lorna Whitwam
    Lorna Whitwam
    6 months ago

    I took my 2.5 year old daughter to see Dr Shankar Anand for allergy testing as she'd shown a reaction to Walnuts. Dr Anand had a lovely manner with my daughter and was able to relax her in advance of the skin prick test. We waited 15 mins after the test and her allergy to 4 types of nut was confirmed. It was good to have everything confirmed and now we can work on managing the allergies. NOTE - arrive a little early because whilst there's plenty of parking, you might end up parking a little walk away...

  • Vaish S
    Vaish S
    11 months ago

    We’ve had a great experience with Dr Kaur and her staff at Hills Allergy & Specialists Clinic. She has a great bedside manner and is great with kids. Staff are very polite and always helpful in trying to accommodate your needs.

  • Karen Kwok
    Karen Kwok
    9 months ago

    Had an amazing experience with Dr. Nick! Harpreet had been great in coordinating my appointment and I'm so glad to get my results really quickly! 5* for the services 👍🏼😊

  • Iresha De Silva
    Iresha De Silva
    10 months ago

    Would highly recommend. Dr Kaur was extremely professional and her office well organised. She was thorough and gave well thought out answers to all questions we had.

  • Aleksandra Djordjevic

    Adult patients are welcome here with Dr. Gazy. Highly recommended. Clean space and respectful reception, Mr. Harpreet.

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