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  • Dr Narelle Bleasel FACD
  • Dr Jonathan Ng FACD


  • Dr Karl Bleasel FRACP

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  • who_is _ellie
    who_is _ellie
    a year ago

    Dr Ng and all the nurses and staff here are lovely. They are a very busy practice because they care about their patients and are worlds above other dermatologists around. They are definitely worth the wait. The other two reviews complaining about the organisation and reception staff are misleading. This is a great team that work hard to run a very busy and caring practice. They can't help it that everyone wants to go there.

  • Adam Pearce
    Adam Pearce
    a year ago

    I was a patient here and the health care is excellent. Dr Bleasel is warm and knowledgable. My dismal rating is for the unprofessional demeanour of receptionists who, time and time again and right on cue, literally laugh in your face when you ask when the next appointment is. Word of caution: you will not see a specialist this year, regardless of the date. The wait list is so many months long that it's essentially useless as you'll be on your second melanoma or dead by then. Dr Bleasel is great but effectively Tasmania really just has no dermatologists for new patients. If you need to see one, just go to Melbourne. The receptionists think this is funny and it obviously doesn't matter to the business bottom line, but it reflects poorly on the doctors and I cannot abide it.

  • Tess Nikitenko
    Tess Nikitenko
    a year ago

    The doctor I consulted with was excellent and other staff very polite, so my review is based more on the organisation. My main concern is that it is very difficult to get through via phone and there is no online contact form is provided on the website. When I was returning a call trying to organise a pathology form to be sent I called regularly for three business days before getting through. I had left a voice mail but was not told whether these are monitored. To avoid future delays I asked for a generic email address to communicate simple logistical matters. I was told that this was not provided to patients and advised contact is via phone only. Please understand not everyone is able to answer their phones at work when the practice calls.

  • Zach Conde
    Zach Conde
    6 years ago

    After seeing 6 dermatologists in 8 years across 3 countries, Dr. Ng is easily the most effective and nicest practitioner I've had. He had my severe eczema under control over in 2 days while the public dermatologist spent 8 weeks trying to manage it. It's worth waiting if they have a list, and their practice is worth every penny, coming from a uni student.

  • Tony Martin
    Tony Martin
    8 months ago

    Parking off street. Great reception staff and nurses. Dr Ng highly recommended.

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