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Kids Allergy Perth is a dedicated paediatric practice specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies and intolerance in children.

This includes all food allergies and intolerances, allergic skin conditions and eczema, asthma and nose or sinus problems as well as drug allergies and insect venom allergies. We also cater for children with recurrent infections and provide guidance and information about nutritional medicine.

We use and perform all aspects of scientifically proven allergy testing, be that skin prick testing or specific IgE testing and offer several forms of immunotherapy.

Children who require food challenges can be admitted under my care at Perth Children’s Hospital both as an inpatient and outpatient at no extra cost.

We are here to guide and help you through the often confusing diagnosis of allergies and intolerances and  work in collaboration with your GP and other health professionals such as gastroenterologists, dermatologist, dieticians and naturopaths.

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  • Emma Lamancusa
    Emma Lamancusa
    3 months ago

    Our whole experience at kids Allergy Perth has been extremely disappointing. My son was referred to pch for 3 food challenges, after 1 year wait time I finally got a call to book in his challenges. To find out PCH had only recieved a referral to do 1. Called kids allergy Perth receptionist was rude and said it had been sent. I asked for her to resend as pch didn't receive. Waited a few weeks called PCH too see if it had been received again they hadn't received. Another call to ask the same thing. Eventually we had all 3 challenges and went back for our second review (2.5years after first appointment). We arrived for our appointment to find out it wasn't in the system, waited about 40min with a 3 year old! Finally saw Dr and was prescribed epi pen and written a 2 scripts for a blood test. Once wasn't completed or signed so we couldn't even use it! We were told we would recieve a call for resuts and further action. Had our bloods done and called to see when the follow-up call would happen to be told its a $200 follow up call! I am completely shocked they can charge this much for a phone call for results! DO NOT RECOMMEND AVOID THESE INCOMPETENT, MONEY HUNGRY PEOPLE AT ALL COSTS

  • Renee
    6 months ago

    After reading the negative reviews I felt compelled to leave a review of my own. I found Dr Remke to be very gentle and caring with my 8 month old, and attentive and professional towards me. Dr Remke confirmed my son had an egg allergy and provided clear advice about how to manage it. I would have no hesitation returning if further advice or treatment is required.

  • Erika Iskandar
    Erika Iskandar
    a month ago

    We went to Kids allergy perth for 2 years and confirmed the allergy through skin prick tests. We were hoping to get onto desensitization and clinical trials but this wasn’t offered up. If anyone is interested I’d recommend contacting research at PCH directly.

  • Paul Burns
    Paul Burns
    3 months ago

    The best children’s doctor you will find. Dr Christiane has been seeing our girls for almost 8 years or so. The only doctor to gives us a diagnosis

  • Aslan Narnia
    Aslan Narnia
    a year ago

    Incredibly poor experience. Dr Remke didn’t seem interested in properly helping control my child’s eczema, educating us as caregivers and instead shoved a script on our hands and bundled us out the door in record time. My child’s eczema is very severe and she did not care about eczema triggers, did not do an eczema management plan, discuss non-prescription management methods or suggest any follow up appointments - nothing. Frankly we got more help from a PCH information sheet (which we didn’t get from her). The whole experience has taken an astonishing toll on my family and child. Do not recommend.

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