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Welcome to our Australian Dietitians and Australian Nutritionists who love food!

Zoe and Kerrie are university trained dietitians and recognised as Accredited Practising Dietitians and Accredited Nutritionists through the Dietitians Association of Australia.

Our dietitians have also trained under The Non-Diet Approach, are HAES certified and have completed various post graduate short courses in psychology based methods.

Zoe and Kerrie use a combination of scientific research & training, life experience, compassion and a love of food to help you nurture a healthy relationship with food and body.

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  • Jacqui L
    Jacqui L
    3 years ago

    Highly, highly recommend for both food intolerance diagnosis and for working through food and diet issues more broadly, especially for larger people who've had poor-to-negative experiences with health professionals. Zoe, and the GP who referred me to her, were the first health professionals who didn't automatically blame my weight for all my issues. They didn't just forget about all the things that cause these very same problems in thin people. They're nice, and treat me like a person. Sometimes, you don't know how badly you've been treated until someone is kind. Zoe was that person for me. I'm still very early in my journey to repair my relationship with my body and food, and am so glad to have Zoe's support. Again, highly recommend, and much love to you as a person seeking answers to your food-related problems.

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