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As well as offering allergy skin testing, we provide our expert opinion on conditions such as rhinitis, asthma, anaphylaxis, food allergy, hay fever, stinging insect allergy, urticaria and angioedema and immunodeficiency.

Please note that we do not see patients below the age of 14 years.

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  • Talia Gilfillan
    Talia Gilfillan
    3 months ago

    My situation has made me feel uneasy for some time, but Dr Josh Chatelier really gave me some confidence. Very professional and very kind. The waiting lists for these treatments are long and daunting but he really made my case feel valid. I recommend his services to anyone looking for help with severe allergies.

  • Koi
    3 months ago

    I went to Dr. Beerelli for an appointment because I thought I had a reaction to strawberries, but didn’t know for sure. I’m terrified of needles so I was scared of getting my blood drawn for testing or that I wouldn’t eat my favorite fruit ever again. But she described in full detail what was going on and that it wasn’t a food allergy at all, and I didn’t even need my blood drawn!! She is absolutely amazing!!

  • Kat Andrew
    Kat Andrew
    a year ago

    The most positive experience I've had with a medical clinic for a long time. The whole team is genuinely so friendly and welcoming. I'm so grateful to have seen Dr Patel. He really took the time to listen to my story, communicated clearly the reason for my condition, answer questions and provided a reasonable and measured plan of action which gave me hope moving forward. He was a compassionate and understanding Doctor an I'm so grateful for his time. I would highly recommend this clinic!

  • M CJ
    M CJ
    8 months ago

    I am not one to write reviews, but the clinic's director needs to see this. Today, 20th September 2023, I encountered the worst experience over the phone with Suzy/Suzie while attempting to inquire about information not accessible on the clinic's website. The encounter was unpleasant, marked by her unprofessionalism and rudeness. Even before I could articulate my inquiries, she repeatedly stated that she was just a temp at the clinic due to the school holidays. She insisted the website had all the information I needed and provided no further assistance. When I asked if she could have someone with more information return my call, she responded with a firm 'NO, I AM TELLING YOU, NO!' My 2 cents: First: The clinic needs to review and assess the individuals they are hiring. During our phone conversation, Suzy/Suzie came across as disinterested and repeatedly emphasized that she was a temporary employee, incapable of providing answers. Second: Perhaps the clinic should consider implementing staff training. Third: If the website indeed contains all the necessary information, why provide a phone number? It may be beneficial to clarify that the number is strictly for appointment scheduling and that reception will not handle inquiries.

  • Jason Holmes
    Jason Holmes
    3 years ago

    A very welcoming and warm environment. The receptionist Penny is friendly, professional and on point. I saw Dr Samantha Chan who was fantastic! Her manner was calm, friendly and professional. Usually hard to find in this type of environment. Communication was brilliant and detailed. I did not feel rushed through the appointment and the information delivered was easily understood. Highly highly recommend this clinic.

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