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Munch Dietetics is a private Sydney based Nutrition and Dietetics practice specialising in a wide variety of diet related issues for children through to adults. The team at Munch Dietetics prides itself on delivering evidence-based practical advice on all aspects of nutrition and offers tailored meal plans to suit each client’s needs and lifestyle.

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  • Inna Kolyshkina
    Inna Kolyshkina
    3 months ago

    Unpleasant experience. First the appt w/ Taryn was delayed due to technology issues, then I was given surprisingly unprofessional advice. Good that I talked with my GP and did not follow it. When I drew their attention to incorrectness of that advice, I was told that it was indeed incorrect, but that Taryn "was rushed" on that day which somehow made it OK. I paid $225. Would not recommend.

  • Shanay Hayden
    Shanay Hayden
    8 months ago

    I accidentally called the wrong clinic trying to book in with Taryn and the receptionist was so annoyed. Then god for bid I asked if I could book with her instead, well that set her right off saying that would be unethical if she said yes. Overall it was a way to intense conversation for a Friday afternoon.

  • Judy Barouch
    Judy Barouch
    a year ago

    I have been working with Taryn Geller at Munch Dietetics to help implement the Monash Uni Low FODMAP diet. She is very knowledgeable and has been incredibly helpful and encouraging throughout many months. I especially appreciated that if I had any questions between consultations, she was happy for me to email her and she always responded promptly. We have just finished for now but I will miss her friendly face!

  • Rachel S
    Rachel S
    4 years ago

    Highly recommended. Dana's knowledge, patience and caring nature make her a wonderful dietician. She provides clear and practical guidelines on what to eat and why. Dana is full of creative and simple ideas for quick but tasty meals so I never felt like I was living on rabbit food or eating the same thing over and over again. Her approach to food is pragmatic and realistic. I lost weight, learnt a lot and have a much better appreciation of the overall benefits of healthy eating.

  • Natasha Selwyn
    Natasha Selwyn
    3 years ago

    I cannot recommend Dana highly enough. She is very knowledgeable, understanding, supportive and has a caring nature which makes her such a wonderful dietician. She has taught me a whole new way to eat and for me this isn't just a diet but a new lifestyle. I never feel like I'm missing out. I feel so good inside and out.

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