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Our accredited Brisbane dietitians specialise in food intolerance and food allergies using proven techniques gained from years of experience and knowledge. We can diagnose and help you manage your intolerance to certain foods or assist you with your food allergies. At New Life Nutrition, we use the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital’s (RPAH) elimination diet to help identify and manage your food chemical sensitivities. This way of testing for food intolerance allows us to pinpoint exactly which foods are bothering you.

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  • Tyson Bird
    Tyson Bird
    2 months ago

    We came to see Julie after our Son was referred by our Functional Medicine Dr for Alopicia areata. The Dr told us specifically to see her because he thinks she works miracles, which turned out to be true. Julie has been amazing! There is a lot of junk science out there regarding our son's condition, but Julie really knows her stuff and was able to give us a clear pathway by identifying and treating the underlying cause by taking a holistic approach. She also helped with a few other things unrelated like how to teach our young son how to swallow tablets, how to sneak more protein in his food, and how to keep sickness out of the house with kids in daycare. Since seeing her over the last year we haven't had his problem come back which is an amazing relief. Thanks Julie!

  • Alex Abraham
    Alex Abraham
    5 months ago

    Julie Masci is an absolute gem! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough! We initially saw her years ago when we had decided to put our son on the elimination diet. She was a wealth of knowledge and extremely supportive. I then saw her personally for weight loss with great results. This time around I am seeing her for auto immune issues, iron deficiency and hormone changes and I am super happy with her advice, support and guidance. Julie is extremely easy to talk to and a wealth of knowledge! 😊

  • Amy Bowman
    Amy Bowman
    5 months ago

    Julie can fix anything. Who would have thought you could be cured over zoom calls? I am beyond grateful for the assistance Julie has been able to provide me and help me get to the bottom of my ongoing problems. To anyone who thinks something happening in their body "is normal", trust me its not. Talk to Julie and get it sorted. We should feel comfort within our bodies regardless of what we eat, drink etc. Julie will have the answer for everything. Her wealth of knowledge is mind blowing and deserves to be shared with everyone. If you are thinking about it, do it, book in, you will not regret it.

  • John Fison
    John Fison
    5 months ago

    Julie's knowledge, passion and care for her patients is second to none. She is incredibly curious - to investigate any issues she can help with and in her thirst for knowledge that she can share. I am very grateful for her wisdom and advice and feel so much better as a result of this.

  • Sunny Oliver-Bennetts

    Julie is supporting our whole family on a gut transition which is changing our core foundation and our overall health. She is incredibly informative, gets to the root cause of an issue and has a measured and stepped approach to healing, repairing and enabling your gut and body to thrive. I have learnt so much for her and am forever grateful for her advice and our sessions. Highly recommend, which I already have to friends! xx

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