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Commencing in 2012, North Shore Paediatric Allergy Centre was commenced by Dr John Tan in Artarmon.  The clinic has now moved to Chatswood, in the heart of Sydney’s north shore.  We are a dedicated purpose built clinic for children with paediatric allergies and immune deficiencies.

Easily accesible via car or public transport, the centre has been specially designed to provide our children with the best allergy care.  Our staff are heavily involved in the research of paediatric allergy, and our practice and management of childrens’ allergies is based on the latest evidence based literature.

The staff at our multi disciplinary clinic are sub-specialized in the area of paediatric allergy, and are also based at the Allergy and Immunology Department at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. Early management of children with allergies is crucial, as avoidance of a wide range foods can result in a child developing further allergies.

Medical Specialists

  • Dr John W. Tan- Specialist Paediatric Allergist and Immunologist
  • Dr Peter S. Hsu- Specialist Paediatric Allergist and Immunologist
  • Dr Jessica Lai- Specialist Paediatric Allergist and Immunologist
  • Dr Chetan Pandit- Specialist Paediatric Sleep and Respiratory Physician
  • Wendy Birks- Specialist Paediatric Dietitian: Food Allergies & Feeding Difficulties
  • Margot Treolar- Allergy Specialist Nurse

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3 reviews
  • Zoe Green
    Zoe Green
    4 years ago

    Initial consult for my infant son took several months to get in which I expected for this kind of service. Once there, they were running severely behind schedule, not ideal for me with an 8 month old. Results only confirmed what I already knew based on symptoms. Advice was to simply avoid those allergy triggers and return in 15 months time to begin basic exposure through a 'special recipe' which isn't special at all, it's just basic exposure therapy. Like most specialists of this kind I paid an exorbitant amount for this mediocre advice. Customer service was basically non existent as the office staff could not locate my referral, showed no interest in finding it and it had to be sent from our GP again, meaning I paid the full amount for the consult until they could find the referral. At the time of the follow up appointment I was told I need a new referral letter again. At this point I decided I could manage without specialist support and attempted to cancel my son's appointment. I called 4 times to their office in a 2 day period and could not speak to anyone. There was only a recorded message with no option to leave a message of my own. I sent an email that they deny receiving and when I provided evidence that I attempted to cancel via phone 4x they still wish to charge me a cancellation fee. Like they don't already make enough money from desperate parents already... Dr Tan is a nice guy but there was absolutely zero benefits to our attending this appointment. I recommend that parents do their own research and shop around based on parent feedback. There is sadly such high demand for services like this that it's clearly evident that they barely need to do anything or provide any service to stay in operation.

  • Mindy Meehan
    Mindy Meehan
    2 years ago

    Dr Tan was an absolute godsend after some previous poor allergy specialist advice. He was amazing with my 2 kids and gave me hope and an action plan to deal with their allergies now and as they grow-up.

  • CH Lee
    CH Lee
    3 months ago

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