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The Asthma and Allergy Clinic is multidisciplinary service coordinated by the Department of Respiratory Medicine. This clinic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of Severe Asthma and all types of allergies.

We provide following outpatient services:

  • Specialist Consultations
  • Nurse Consultations – Asthma and Anaphylaxis Education including Action Plans
  • Respiratory function testing – checking how well your lungs work
  • Allergy testing – Skin Prick testing (Provided by Lung function laboratory)
  • Speech Pathologist Consultations

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1,054 reviews
  • LD56
    4 weeks ago

    I feel compelled to share my recent experience with the emergency services provided by your establishment, as it left much to be desired. While I commend the professionalism and courtesy of the staff at the reception counter, the extensive wait time I encountered detracted significantly from the overall quality of service. On the 21/04/24, my mother found in need of urgent medical attention and promptly sought assistance from your facility, known for its reputed emergency services. However, despite arriving promptly and clearly communicating the urgency of my situation, I was disheartened to discover that I would be subjected to an unreasonably prolonged wait time of four hours. This prolonged waiting period not only exacerbated the distress and discomfort associated with my predicament but also compromised the effectiveness of the emergency services provided. In situations where every minute is crucial, such delays can have severe consequences for the well-being and recovery of individuals in need. As a patron who relies on your establishment for critical care during emergencies, I found the excessive wait time to be deeply concerning. It not only inconvenienced me personally but also reflects poorly on the reputation and credibility of your establishment. While I understand that unforeseen circumstances may occasionally arise, it is imperative for service providers to implement robust protocols and allocate sufficient resources to ensure timely and responsive assistance in emergency situations. The prolonged wait time not only undermines the integrity of your services but also diminishes the trust and confidence of patrons like myself. In conclusion, my experience with the emergency services at your establishment was marred by the significant wait time I encountered. While I appreciate the efforts of the staff, the excessive delay in receiving essential care overshadowed any positive aspects of the service provided. I sincerely hope that you will take this feedback into consideration and undertake necessary measures to improve the delivery of emergency services in the future. Prompt and effective care during emergencies is paramount, and it is crucial to ensure that individuals in need receive the attention and assistance they require without undue delay. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, Josias Caldas

  • Jessica D'Imperio
    Jessica D'Imperio
    a week ago

    Can’t give less than 5 starts to this hospital. From the ED to the respiratory ward, such an amazing squad of nurses and doctors. Really professional, knowledgeable and most importantly really caring. Everyone has been so empathetic, always with a smile on their face to make the awful experience a bit better. The lovely nurses Cherry, Sia, Mel and Dorothy have supported me throughout the whole journey. Food was not too bad too, from the food delivery staff to the cleaners, you are doing a great job! So grateful for this hospital 🙏🏼 thank you

  • Kushil Gunawardana
    Kushil Gunawardana
    a month ago

    I visited the Northern Hospital Emergency Department for treatment of a foot infection resulting from a wound. I was admitted there for two days, and the care I received was excellent. I want to express my gratitude to the doctors, nurses, and all staff for their caring hospitality and constant support. They performed a minor surgery, and the aftercare was also fantastic. I was referred to the plastic surgery clinic for follow-up care, and I want to thank the wound clinic staff as well. My appointments were on time, and the nurses were incredibly caring. Finally, I want to extend a big thank you to all Northern Hospital staff.

  • Margaret Le
    Margaret Le
    a month ago

    I wish I could give zero stars honestly Was involved in a head on collision car accident Dec 2022. The paramedics were amazing, the nurses and doctors at the northern were the most insensitive, outlandish bunch of people to ever walk this earth. I had fractured my sternum and the nurse kept on pressuring me to lie down, when I couldn’t or else would be at risk in breaking my sternum. She totally ignored my symptoms and dismissed me. No one bothered to come and check in on me to offer me any food or water for 12 hours…… When I was finally discharged, this stupid junior doctor diagnosed me with a fractured sternum and fractured toe. When I got off the hospital bed, he asked me why I was walking so funny? Didn’t even bother to offer me a wheelchair to help me walk out of the hospital. He prescribed me paracetamol which didn’t help with the pain at all. I had to ring my local GP for a prescription for stronger medication the next day. Truly disgusting. What a complete joke! I’m pregnant and live in the area and I wouldn’t give birth here even if my life depended on it. Send me to Mercy hospital please.. I’d rather pay $$$$ than to step foot into the northern again

  • Gayeshi Dias
    Gayeshi Dias
    in the last week

    By the time it takes you to find the main entrance, your emergency patient would be dead. Please refresh all signage outside the hospital that shows the directions to the main entrance. If the front receptionist is facing a lot of angry visitors, this is a contributing factor. Please make her life easy at least, she’s your employee.

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