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Our dietitians specialise in gut health and digestive disorders and are experienced in food allergy and intolerance management. At the heart of our philosophy, we believe that there is not one diet that suits everyone and that nutrition plans should be tailored to an individual. All of our dietitians have completed additional training in food allergies and intolerances. If you have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and are unsure what your food triggers are, you could benefit from seeing a dietitian. The dietitians at Nutrition Wisdom have completed the Monash FODMAP certification course and can help guide you through the elimination diet process to find the foods that are causing your discomfort.

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6 reviews
  • Jessica Gordon
    Jessica Gordon
    2 years ago

    Attentive dieticians with great bedside manner! Our sessions have been extremely helpful and I've felt comfortable thanks to their welcoming nature and extensive knowledge. Highly recommend!

  • Katherine Moll
    Katherine Moll
    a year ago

    Nutrition wisdom dietitians are really caring and knowledgeable - i highly recommend!

  • Samuel Moll
    Samuel Moll
    6 years ago

    Louisa was very informative and attentive. I found our sessions very helpful and I'd recommend her to anyone.

  • Lucy Thwaits
    Lucy Thwaits
    2 years ago

    Great dieticians, friendly people and great service. Would highly recommend!

  • Juliette Stephens
    Juliette Stephens
    6 years ago

    Holistic and caring dietitian! Great with allergies and food sensitivities

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