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Paediatric Allergy and Clinical Immunology Clinic at Flinders Medical Centre

Adelaide, SA Australia

The Paediatric Allergy/Immunology Clinic provides public services for children with all forms of immunological and allergic diseases. The clinic investigates serious allergic conditions such as:

  • anaphylaxis
  • eczema
  • complex food allergy
  • food intolerance
  • eosinophilic oesophagitis
  • allergic rhinitis and asthma
  • stinging insect allergy
  • drug allergy
  • primary immune deficiencies

Patients must be under the age of 16.


  • Dr Margaret Kummerow
  • Dr Christine Ziegler
  • Dr Henning Johannsen
  • Dr Abigail Cheung
  • Dr Leigh Mackey

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320 reviews
  • gaye twelftree
    gaye twelftree
    a week ago

    The doctors and nurses and other staff were amazing. Tests were extensive and thorough. Nothing was rushed. The staff were so efficient and nothing was left to chance. I was incredibly impressed at the service and attention my elderly mother received. Even the food which is normally lousy was really good. Lots of protein, the right balance of carbs and veg. The place is obviously old but there is no lack of excellent nursing and medical care.

  • Fay Ho
    Fay Ho
    a week ago

    I was so thankful for FMC until I had very bad experience at Neonatal Unit with my son. I was called urgently to go to FMC at night as my son's blood result was so bad. I was asked to stay with my son. The doctor was not happy I forgot to bring the blue book. Some nurses are out of patience. I remember an agency nurse looked after me and she was so nice to me. But the ward nurses made complaints behind her and those ward nurses didn't look after me or help her. I was restless, suffering from hunger. I was not able to sleep overnight as I had to look after my son. My nurse needed to look after other babies who had no parents to stay with. I know there is a neonatal unit where a place to look after sick babies. So just look after my son well please, if the staff ask the parents to stay and offer nothing to them, like rest and food, please send the parents home. We all are human. The nurses and doctors have their break and support team. They can leave when they finish the shift. As a parent I can't. I have to sacrifice all my time and energy, have no consistently sleep, keep breast compressions day and night for milk production. The consequence of I trust the health professionals was I was suffering and not able to report anything. Well respect. Next time if my son needs to stay in hospital please look after him by the staff. Or the staff look after him at home.

  • Ross Philips
    Ross Philips
    in the last week

    Never left a hospital in a worse state than I entered before. This is a first. My partner and I went in for help, she was triaged, I was not. Took 12hrs for her to be seen, and exactly nothing was done. No food or water. I literally dragged myself out on the ground, I think I'd rather die than go to hospital. In fact I'd rather be dead now, I'm done.

  • Sinead Grant
    Sinead Grant
    4 months ago

    I wish to pass on my thanks and gratitude to all the staff at the Emergency Department at Flinders Hospital after 2 recent visits with my daughter. One being New Year’s Eve and again on 3rd January 2024. The care and attention throughout both visits was excellent and she was seen to on both occasions in a timely manner. Thank you to Flinders Hospital administration teams, nurses and doctors and all the medical professionals involved for doing an amazing job. It is very much appreciated.

  • Kaitlyn Symonds
    Kaitlyn Symonds
    3 months ago

    So very grateful for the nurses, doctors and volunteers. I've been in and out for my toddler with sicknesses, every trip has been amazing. Always lovely, felt prioritised for both my son and me. Although we live quite the distance away, I'd rather drive the hour than go anywhere.

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