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Digestive problems can severely affect a child’s quality of life. The pain and discomfort your child experiences can prevent him or her from enjoying daily activities. That is why it’s important for your child to receive care at a gastroenterology centre dedicated to children.

The specialists that work at Paediatric Gastoenterology Victoria, have the skills and ability to diagnose, treat, and manage digestive disorders in infants, children and teenagers.

Telehealth appointments available and Face-to-face consultations available (each room has its own HEPA filter).

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  • Fleur Thompson
    Fleur Thompson
    a year ago

    We waited 13 business days (over 2 weeks) for our urgent referral to be triaged, a process that we were told would take 2-3 days when we called several times for a follow up. There was no email communication regarding the delay in triage, which would be appreciated. Upon receiving a call to book an appointment, the next available appointment was 4 months away as they deemed the issue to be 'not urgent'. The additional information I included in the email was clearly not read. In the two weeks waiting to be triaged, we could have been on a waiting list for another gastroenterologist. We now have to go back to our GP to get another referral and start the whole process again with another gastroenterologist.

  • April K
    April K
    a year ago

    Lovely friendly and professional.. thank you for the care of Monique these past years

  • Emily Grant
    Emily Grant
    a year ago

  • Todd Robinson
    Todd Robinson
    6 years ago

  • John Bedson
    John Bedson
    3 years ago

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