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Our practice focuses on the care of children with allergies and food intolerances, and on giving good quality information and medical and dietary support to the families of these children. We aim to be different in our approach, to listen and respond in a caring manner. Just treating the symptoms is not enough. Getting rid of the cause, if possible, is the best approach. We aim to provide friendly good quality care to patients and their parents, in the treatment of allergies, food intolerances, and other associated conditions, from a specialized Paediatric medical and dietetic viewpoint. Dr Pickford and Ms Dostine started working together at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Unit in 1998. They started private practice in 2006.

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  • Dr Elizabeth Pickford- Dr Elizabeth Pickford has been working as a Consultant Paediatrician since 1993, and has been working with children and their families, to manage their allergies and food intolerances, since 1998.
  • Jane Dostine- Dietitian Jane Dostine completed her Masters in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at The University of Sydney in 1992. She worked in the specialist team at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Unit for 14 years. Her expertise gained in the management of food intolerance and allergy is brought to her Castle Hill private practice.

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  • Jo Jones
    Jo Jones
    3 months ago

    Dr Elizabeth Pickford is insightful, experienced, pragmatic and genuinely a caring practitioner. Her consultation with my son was thorough and in-depth and I left feeling confident in the future management of my son’s food allergies. During the skin prick testing she showed empathy and kindness to my two year old and minimised his discomfort. The ladies that manage the reception were similarly kind, welcoming and experienced, processing all Medicare claims for us for rebate and also calling us with a cancellation to see Dr Pickford much earlier than we anticipated. Our experience with Paedatrix was wonderful, would very much recommend.

  • Alison Lilly
    Alison Lilly
    6 months ago

    Dr Pickford is absolutely amazing!! I can’t thank her enough for the way she has helped my son. My son has moderate-severe atopic dermatitis, which has caused him to suffer with horrendous flare ups since birth. After years of seeing countless GPS and specialists with little to no improvement, Dr Pickford was the only one who could identify the causes and develop a plan to successfully manage it. We have found Dr Pickford to be extremely knowledgeable and very thorough in her examinations. She is generous with her time and genuinely has your child’s best interests at heart. Should any issue arise, I have always found her and her staff to be prompt to respond in order to resolve it quickly. My sons skin and life has completely changed for the better because of Dr Pickford and we are extremely grateful.

  • Alice Ng
    Alice Ng
    3 years ago

    Dr Pickford is a great allergist for us! She was booked out. So we filled in the form and was put in the cancellation list as we had almost every allergy symptom. We were seen within ten days and again within the month. We saw the dietician too and she was helpful to guiding us through the diet. Very thankful for a practice that got us through one of the hardest times!

  • MargeJ
    4 years ago

    Dr Elizabeth Pickford is an amazing doctor who doesn't rush through her patients and is genuinely interested in your child's health. She is a very warm and knowledgeable doctor who makes sure that you understand everything. After our consultation I am finally in peace knowing that my child's health is in good hands.

  • Kate Holiday
    Kate Holiday
    4 years ago

    Dr Pickford is the best paediatric allergist in Sydney. Her thorough and caring approach with children (and their parents) is reflected in the long waiting list for an initial appointment. Her busy receptionists, Di and Carolyn, are professional and courteous, even under pressure.

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