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PCH’s Immunology Department provides a service for children with allergies (including food, drug, insect sting and latex), immune deficiencies, and some auto-immune diseases.

Conditions we manage

  • immune disorders
  • autoimmune diseases
  • mastocytosis
  • hereditary angioedema
  • immunosuppressive therapy
  • allergic disorders, including
  • food allergy
  • anaphylaxis
  • severe atopic dermatitis
  • severe allergic rhinitis
  • drug allergies

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Google Reviews

428 reviews
  • Ayesh Baddage
    Ayesh Baddage
    4 months ago

    100% exceptional service and commitment from the emergency staff of every domain. Special thanks to Collin (emergency specialist) and ED doctors/ nurses and all the other staff members who were on call in the afternoon shift. Can't be more happy about the invaluable service the emergency team is providing at PCH. THANK YOU!!

  • Anna Maisheva
    Anna Maisheva
    in the last week

    Its a good hospital. I've been going here since I was 8. But noone ever answers the phone. The phone line is always busy so you don't know how long you'll be waiting for a receptionist to answer the phone. I called this morning and NO answer. All the phone lines were busy. I'm trying to cancel my appointment this Friday. It's online but I can't attend it because I'm going to be somewhere from 9am-5pm!! Edit: I'm literally trying to call your recipestions and they're making excuses NOT to do THEIR JOBS. I literally called the number to cancel my appointment. She clearly heard what hospital and that I wanted to cancel it. But when she asked what's your UR number I was literally about to say it and than ALL of a sudden MY phone doesn't work???

  • Marci Dolejsi
    Marci Dolejsi
    5 months ago

    So lucky to have such a great hospital with friendly nurses, friendly doctors, friendly staff and great charities that make the hospital stay or visit so special. The only downside is the carpark ( high fees, never working ticket machines and line to get out ).

  • Wen-Yew Lee
    Wen-Yew Lee
    2 months ago

    we went to emergency when our baby had a strong allergic reaction. thankfully it wasn't busy at the time and baby was fine, but we were still there for about 3 hours. the facilities were good and every staff member and volunteer who we came across was fantastically caring and competent. i'm sure it gets busy and very stressful at times, but just wanted to show some appreciation to those people working to care for our community ❤

  • Hana Kim
    Hana Kim
    2 months ago

    Took my sick baby to emergency last night we reached there about 12:30am and we been waiting for almost 5 hours but the doctor didn’t care to come and see my baby for a bit instead the nurse kept to asking to to wait well I don’t blame them for it but the doctor was at fault for being careless the people who came after us already been seen by a doctor and there was no other patient left in the waiting room only our family I am 7 weeks pregnant I had to deal with the dizziness and also took care of my sick baby well if the doctor doesn’t care to come and check the sick baby then why are you choosing to become a doctor basically you are not helping anything and not doing your job you chose to become a doctor because of money or because of wanting to help people if you have been treating the same way I had been treated would you be happy about it? Think about it before you are hurting someone feelings. The nurses even letting us go without being feeling sorry for us it was the worst experience I have ever had.

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