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At Queensland Allergy Services we have three very experienced allergy clinicians who will provide a tailored consultation aimed at educating about allergies for better quality of life. In some instances desensitisation to problem allergens such as dust mite and grass pollens, can provide an effective “cure” for problem airway symptoms.
Before arranging an appointment with one of our specialists you will need to obtain a referral from your doctor. Due to the specialised nature of our service waiting periods can sometimes be lengthy. Priority is given to infants and young children and any person who has experienced a severe allergic reaction.

After taking a careful clinical history and testing for allergies if necessary, we teach you how to manage your reactions. Allergic disease can affect one or more of the body systems so education about management can be quite complex and involve skin care, treating the airway and managing diet as well as educating about the role of environment. By addressing each problem we can improve the chance of successful outcomes.

At the time of the appointment, we can test for a wide range of food and environmental allergens to pinpoint the triggers for allergic symptoms. If there is something specific you would like to be tested for please inquire at the time of booking and we can advise if we carry the products to test for that particular thing. In some cases you may need to bring in special or odd items.


  • Professor Pete Smith
  • Dr Lalita Jindal

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  • Dr Olivia Lesslar

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54 reviews
  • Kylie Cox
    Kylie Cox
    4 months ago

    Prof Pete Smith is very approachable and knowledgeable doctor. Makes you feel at ease on your first visit. I was very grateful to get in to see him. Helen on reception went above and beyond for me when I needed an urgent prescription and review appointment. One less star as my condition is still undiagnosed.

  • Amy Ring
    Amy Ring
    3 weeks ago

    Dr Da Silva was very thorough and took time to understand my condition during the consult. I didn't feel rushed and she explained things very well. Very appreciative for her time and help

  • Glenn Underwood
    Glenn Underwood
    4 months ago

    Elizabeth da Silva is creating negative reviews on both practices she's worked in as she first started treating me here. You can thank her for this QLD alergy services. It was very unclear communication between coming down for a 6 monthly check up. I preferred to not drive 2h to come down for the appointment and continue my injections under the supervision of my doctor. She never informed me personally or even called to let me know she discharged me from the clinic. I have now ran out of immunotherapy and have to start the whole process again with another clinic wasting my time and a lot of my money. Very unprofessional and an absolute disgrace. I wouldn't recommend using her services to anyone. Use a real doctor or go somewhere else. My new immunotherapy clinic is state of the art and nothing but nice people and did not even charge me the mandatory initial consultation fee. Wish I came here first!

  • Lorna Barton
    Lorna Barton
    2 months ago

    One receptionist is very nasty, yells & is abusive. Read reviews on other sites because they sent me a link to write a good review here before abusing me so much I cried. My lawyer has to get my paperwork. They advertised Skype appointments but won't book them, rarely reply to emails, forgot my Epipen script & Prof Smith is impossible for my Dr to get hold of so I have an Epipen for Anaphylaxis. They were lovely until I paid them $800 & I've had to be referred elsewhere for the MCAS diagnosis he missed. They ignored me asking to send the $25 book I've paid for & still haven't sent it months later. I wish I had read the reviews on Dr's review pages first, a lot of them describe the same abusive treatment. Apparently skin prick tests are dangerous with MCAS, he also ignored that. They were rude to my Dr & gave out wrong information.

  • Laura Zimmerman
    Laura Zimmerman
    9 months ago

    Prof Smith and his team has forever changed and saved my daughters life. He is a world leader in his field. Anyone who is lucky enough to be under his care is truly blessed. He is as kind as he is innovative. Its not enough to be smart - I know he loves my child as much as I do. My child's case is complex, and required out of the box thinking that only someone with Prof Smith's experience could do. It's worth noting, I have never had a specialist who has spent as much time ensuring that every aspect was checked. Hours - not just for one appointment - for over a decade now. Truly patient centred care. From meeting my daughter at 12 months to now at 12 years - I will be grateful my entire life. If you take any recommendation on board - take this one. All our love - Charlotte (who is actually really now 12 :) ) and the Zimmerman Family.

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