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Your GP can refer you to our Allergy Clinic where we conduct allergy testing on-site using the Allergy Skin Prick Test.

Allergy testing can be performed on patients with suspected allergic rhinitis (hayfever) and asthma. Testing can include:

  • Food allergy testing
  • House dust mite
  • Cat and dog dander (or other animals if applicable)
  • Mould spores
  • Pollens from grasses, weeds or trees
  • In some cases, occupational allergens

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  • Dee D'Cruz
    Dee D'Cruz
    4 weeks ago

    We had a terrible experience trying to get my three year old seen for an ongoing cough and vomiting. Treated like lepers and made to not only wait outside the doors but also seen by the doctor outside too, she and the front staff were very rude, she also refused to discuss getting a paediatric referral even though she didn’t know how to treat my micro preemie (ex 26 weeker) daughter who had COPD and has been coughing so much she vomits every night. Sent to get COVID and other respiratory tests next door but never received a call back with results (as promised). Doctor seemed like she didn’t care and told me to go to emergency if I need urgent care.

  • Libby Fernance
    Libby Fernance
    2 months ago

    Very disappointed with this practice. Was trying to find results from tests as we suspected a highly contagious disease. After ringing multiple times, they insisted I make an appointment for both my husband and I and will charge us as the reception staff could not say yes or no, the results are positive. They were disinterested and rude. This practice clearly needs to put in place some processes. I waited for the Telehealth appointment for 30 minutes after my appointment time today and then rang but the practice was closed before closing time. Will never go to this practice again. It’s terrible 😞 I will just add, eventually a doctor rang 45 minutes after my scheduled appointment- she apologised saying she had tried 3-4 times to ring me . I had literally been waiting with my phone in my hand for 15 minutes before the appointment till she rang, so for over an hour. No one had called in that time. The only positive was that she bulk- billed me for a 7 minute Telehealth call. Let me assure readers I do have the correct medical practice and that this is a true account of my experience. I am not impressed to say the least!!☹️

  • Ca Lm Ocean
    Ca Lm Ocean
    2 months ago

    Extremely disappointed. Taking my e-script to the Pharmacy to fill, the Pharmacist said the Dr had prescribed me with 60 Melatonin, so I would have to buy TWO boxes, or get the script changed to include a repeat. That's weird, I thought, not having a repeat. So I called the receptionist who sent a message to the Dr as I asked if he could send an updated script. But alas, two days later the Dr hasn't sent anything and expects me to book a "Telehealth" appointment, so I have to pay for him to adjust the script. Pointing this out to the receptionist for the cost just made things worse, as a higher than though response was received. I also asked to speak to the Office Manager who refused to speak to me and the receptionist couldn't say when she'd be in again - but continued to refer me to a Telehealth appointment to change my script details. I might have expected more from this Medical Centre, but alas, they're all about treating us poorly. NOTE: check your scripts here to ensure you are aware of what they contain.

  • Eric Wilson
    Eric Wilson
    5 months ago

    Excellent is an adjective that springs to mind! The desk ladies are always pleasant and so are the nurses! The waiting room is comfortable and clean. The doctor I have both the pleasure and honour of seeing, is not only competent but has a bright and positive attitude that makes all the difference when you are in your late eighties and seek deliverance! In short: Excellent from A to Z May I take this opportunity to say THANK YOU - ALL OF YOU!

  • Aleisha Straughan
    Aleisha Straughan
    4 months ago

    Dr Nicole Hutchison and Dr Christian Allen are both very professional and experienced Doctors working at Robina Town Medical Centre. I highly recommended this medical centre as they have significant knowledge and experience. All of the staff are friendly and helpful.

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