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At Rose Cottage Medical Centre, we offer specialist treatment for allergies, so if you suffer from an allergy or would like to get checked out, then we can help.

Having been trained and mentored by the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Children’s Allergy Unit, practice director, Dr Victoria Smith, provides professional and up-to-date treatment within this area.

Also here at Rose Cottage, we are privileged to have Associate Professor Paul Cameron as part of our team. As well as specialised immunology, Professor Cameron also accepts referrals for allergy testing. Speak to your GP for a referral to Professor Cameron if his specialty is something that might benefit your needs.

Allergy/Immunology Specialists

  • Dr Victoria Smith- Allergist MBBS, FRACGP, ASCIA
  • Associate Professor Paul Cameron- Immunologist, Allergist BmedSci, MBBS, PhD, FRACGP FRACP

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  • mattduggett
    2 months ago

    I'm supposed to be on a 3 year allergy desensitization program, but just a few months in the staff at the practice can not even get the vials for my monthly injections...after missing over 6 months due to their inability to track down my missing vial and "can't be bothered" attitude of receptionist in returning calls or email follow ups. I now have to start from scratch after paying over $1000 in meds. Also no way of contacting the Prof. to notify him of this incompetency. This is the ONLY allergy specialist in Northern TAS, so no other choice!!

  • Isaac Slaney
    Isaac Slaney
    4 months ago

    Amazing place if you love getting overcharged, wrong prescriptions, Moody AF Receptionists and lazy management. Been taking my child there for 3 years and finally had eneugh of the complete lack of care, assistance and incompetence. I recommend if you like wasting your time and money.

  • Sarah Dav
    Sarah Dav
    8 months ago

    Completely disappointed in this practice... I have been going here for the past 7 years or more and I have always been charged even for my child's (now 6yrs old) appointments when his been unwell... This week I had to have my 6 week postpartum check (as I just had my second son) and my son's 6 week immunisations and 6 week medical check (in blue book) done, also I was due for my pap smear... when I booked I explained this to the girl on the desk and she made the appointment... I was booked with Dr. Zoha but got a call a few weeks later to explain to me that Dr. Zoha has taken extended leave and wouldn't be there so would I be happy to see dr. Preeti... which was fine...anyway fast forward to Tuesday when I go to this appointment.. firstly- dr. Zoha was there and seeing patients so go figure.... secondly- dr Preeti didn't do any health check on my son, temp or anything prior to giving his injections and then proceeded to tell me that she wouldn't have time to do the medical check in his blue book nor have time to do my pap smear and that I'd have to come back and get them done another time... thirdly- my 6 week check was her feeling my tummy and telling me a heap of info I already knew and then they charged me $84 for the appointment for my 6 week postpartum check!! Now today (Thursday- 2 days later) I've gone back to have my son's 6 week medical check and get my pap smear done and I was just charged another $168 for this appointment!! Which should have been classed IMO as a follow up seeing as 'she didn't have time' Absolute daylight robbery!! Not to mention the unfriendliness of staff lately has been awful as well... I'm completely disappointed after supporting this medical centre for so long....

  • Hannah Jade
    Hannah Jade
    11 months ago

    My usual doctor here was booked out for the month so I saw a new doctor. I had to wait 25 minutes after my appointment time, I only needed 2 lines of paperwork signed that took less than 5 minutes. It cost $80 DOLLARS!! I have a healthcare card and usually its bulk billed here at the same practice. Its completely wiped out my budget for the next 1.5 weeks.

  • James Gurbiel
    James Gurbiel
    a year ago

    Apart from the helpful girls at the front desk (who also informed me that this Dr Preeti has done this before to people), this practice is a complete robbery. I went in for an appointment and was in there for no longer than 2 min, to be told i wasnt able to be helped by Dr. PREETI.. she then proceeded to charge for a full appointment $88.. this is an absolute robbery, do not reccomend going to this practice unless you want to be ripped off. Extremely unhappy with the service. 0 stars

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