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Royal Adelaide Hospital (The Department of Clinical Immunology and Allergy)

Adelaide, SA Australia

The Department of Clinical Immunology and Allergy at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) provides a specialist service for the diagnosis and management of allergic and immunologic diseases affecting the respiratory system, skin, gastrointestinal tract and other systems.

Our Clinical Immunologists deal with conditions in 3 main areas:

  • Allergy – immunological reaction against harmless substances
  • Immunodeficiency – increase in the frequency or severity of infections
  • Autoimmunity – immunological reaction against the self.


  • A/Prof. William Smith
  • Dr Frank Kette
  • A/Prof. Pravin Hissaria
  • Dr Tatjana Banovic
  • Dr Syed Ali
  • Dr Chino Yuson

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Google Reviews

880 reviews
    5 months ago

    👁️👁️ It was the first time I came to the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) 🏥on 15 December 2023 for a medical appointment at the 👁️👁️Ophthalmology department after been referred by the Optometrist. Thank God that I managed to secure a specialist appointment and put me in safe hands. 🙏🙏Special gratitude to the kind doctor who attended me, the super friendly female nurse who ran the tests, the caring optometrist and others. Also, a pleasant surprise to see a public hospital like RAH 🏥that looks like a five-star hotel.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Wishing everyone a beautiful week.💐🤩

  • katherine white
    katherine white
    in the last week

    The hospital car parking is expensive. The entire building is confusing. The hospital has an overpowering smell of bleach and take yours breathe away. The food is inedible . The nursing staff are amazing and nothing is too much trouble. However the nursing staff are without a doubt

  • Kerrie Roe
    Kerrie Roe
    a month ago

    My stay was excellent. As a public patient you get your own private room and bathroom. The food is pretty good for comparison to previous hospital food. The nurses are very nice and very attentive. I would like to list individually but can't remember all their names. The cleaning and catering staff are both polite and attentive to your needs as well.

  • Eman Aboulhosn
    Eman Aboulhosn
    a month ago

    ridiculous. my partner had cut through his veins muscles and arteries and had for it stitched by a regular GP and referred here. my first time here as i am originally from sydney and yesterday 1pm was meant to be the surgery. we had to wait in the waiting area for hours to only be brought to a room and wait even more hours for no reason because they just changed the survey day to the next day at 8am and to get an x-ray. they didn’t consult us the results of the x-ray or what had to be done we just had to do what they said which we were annoyed about. the next day came and we had to fast from 12am until after the surgery. we checked in at 8am and they were so unorganized they didn’t even have my partners name on the waiting list and had to call the plastic surgeons to confirm it. once we got in at 8:10am they checked my partners blood pressure then left. we were left alone on that room for 5 and a half hours. why book us the appointment for 8 if u cant even attend to us? we asked the nurse 3 times and she kept saying that the appointment could even be changed to tomorrow or 7 more hours of making like excuse me? why make us fast and wait so long then. my partner was so turned off by this place that we both just left.

  • nigel steyn
    nigel steyn
    3 months ago

    Thank you so much to the emergency, radiology and surgery teams on the evening of Friday 23 February. And the wonderful nurses in the surgery overflow wards after. You are doing an amazing job under pressure, I always felt that I was in good hands. Thanks again! You are the real heroes of this world!

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