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Clinical Immunology and Allergy
(disorders of the immune system including allergies)
We are a clinic for immunological conditions including allergies. We care for and treat patients with:

  • immunological conditions: immunodeficiencies, autoimmune diseases (connective tissue diseases) and vasculitis.
  • allergic conditions: , urticaria (hives), angioedema, rhinitis (hay fever), drug allergies, food allergies,allergic and stinging insect allergy.

Our services
Our services include:

  • intravenous immunoglobulin infusions to treat patients with hypogammaglobulinaemia
  • allergy skin testing and challenges
  • an injection clinic for desensitization for patients with bee, wasp, grass, cat or house dust mite allergy
  • patient education resources including house dust mite elimination and self-administration of adrenaline
  • nutrition and dietetics advice for patients with severe urticaria and angioedema
  • aspirin desensitization.

How to access this service
To access this service, your GP or medical practitioner will need to send a referral letter to the hospital. You will receive a confirmation letter and be advised on what to do next.


  • Clinical Immunology and Allergy Outpatient Clinic
    (07) 3497 3588
    Specialist Outpatient Services, Level 1, Dr James Mayne Building, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital
  • Clinical Immunology and Allergy Outpatient Clinic (private patient)
    (07) 3646 8346
    Private Practice Specialist Suite, Level 1, Dr James Mayne Building, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital

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848 reviews
  • Tony Southwell
    Tony Southwell
    a month ago

    I went in for a cancer tumor extraction surgery and all I can say is that I found everything to be of a very high standard. The staff, from admin, surgeons, nurses etc were so caring and friendly, the wards are kept very clean and the food was really great quality with copious quantities. Even though you are woken regularly during the night for the nurses to administer medicines and take observations they do it in such a caring way always mindful of the impact on the patient. I could not make a negative comment at all about the staff at all. It is a pity however how much they have to accept from a small number of patients who should learn to be more respectful of the roles the staff undertake.

  • Alison Gordon
    Alison Gordon
    in the last week

    Not only did the NUM (Nurse unit manager) Annika (from ward 8A North) come into a meeting for my mother she had not even read the file on, remarking on her medication and treatment only to say when challenged she hadn’t read the file making herself look untrustworthy and unprofessional, she then stood in the hallway on the phone making disgusting remarks about my mother “I was going to move bed 41 on as she is dying but the family are all like blah blah blah so now I can’t” It seem the lack of care and empathy on the ward comes from the top. Not to mention over listening in a conversation between me and another staff member who was admittedly trying to have me sign a DNR and a palliative care form without announcing her presence on the call. This team are highly untrustworthy and consider money over the care of human life. I have had nurses tell me they have cleaned her neck area 1hr prior however I know they are lying directly to me as I have been at my mothers bedside for 3hrs. Formal complaint make 03/05/24 still awaiting reply… Ryan’s rule activated 20/05/24 My mum is a more difficult and unique case. I understand she is difficult to deal with. However I believe because of this the team on the ward have given up on her care. Last weekend mum was admitted into intensive care for an infection which I believe was due to the lack of care in the ward of her tracheostomy. Almost a week later they cannot (more likely will not) tell us what caused the infection however I believe they are more than aware. I raised my concerns on the way my mother’s tracheostomy area was inflamed infected and smelt offensive to the nurse who was attending her in intensive care he agreed, adding he changed the area but to him it looked like it had been neglected. He couldn’t tell me the last time it was cleaned as he had no access to her charts from the ward however added it couldn’t have been at the hospital daily minimum. Following this we had a family meeting where the head dr of intensive care has told us they will not treat my mother again if she was to come in for the same reason, adding he thinks she will pass in this visit. I can not understand how a department head can make this decision. Numerous times she has voiced to us that she doesn’t trust them and believes also they are trying to kill her. She has been on morphine which makes her dazed confused and zoned out. Her constant no’s are due to the lack of trust in her care team and will now only agree to treatments after it has been run passed my brother and I. I feel like the hospital is pushing for my mother to pass away in attempts to not have to continue using resources and money on her care due to the fact of her age and her difficulties My mother has a right to live. Yesterday afternoon my brother rang the hospital requesting they remove the morphine from her treatment. We were unaware that it had been added by the palliative team. My mum has always disliked morphine as it makes her dizzy and she has hallucinations. The nurse told my brother no. Last night I received a call from the ward advising me they could not get mum to agree on having her groin line removed. Again she was spaced out on morphine. I agreed to allow them to remove it using a sedative which they were successful in doing. I continued with how my brother and I were concern on the morphine and how she reacts to it and the nurse said that this was not explained “like this” to them by my brother and put a hold on it until today. This morning my brother arrived in the hospital to which the nurse told him he and I have a conflict of interest. This is not true we have had continuous conversation around my mums care and have decided the best cause of action to to get her off the morphine up and moving and out of that hospital we are losing more and more faith in.

  • Samantha Rasmussen
    Samantha Rasmussen
    a month ago

    I honestly could not reccomend another hospital apart from this one since my experience here, every single person that had something to do with my before and after care and the ones involved in my procedure was so lovely. Not one rough nurse, not one bit I could fault at this hospital. Everyone was so caring, and helpful & I didn’t get sent home with a million questions in my mind as they explained everything perfectly. Literally so impressed. Thank you team at Royal Women’s Hospital 🫶🏽

  • Naman Khosla
    Naman Khosla
    a week ago

    My recent visit to the RBWH Emergency Department left me deeply disappointed and concerned about the level of care provided to patients in need. After enduring nearly eight hours of waiting with my sister, who was in considerable pain with her throat feeling like razor blades and unable to eat or drink, we were advised by a nurse to simply go home and have fluids. This dismissive attitude towards my sister's distressing symptoms was disheartening, to say the least. Despite following the nurse's advice, my sister's condition did not improve. In fact, it worsened over the following days, prompting us to return to the emergency department for assistance. However, our hopes for effective treatment were dashed when another nurse informed us that the medications previously prescribed were ineffective and essentially suggested going home and having tea. This lack of urgency and empathy displayed by the medical staff at RBWH is deeply troubling. Patients rely on emergency departments for timely and compassionate care, especially when experiencing severe symptoms. However, our experience highlights a concerning disregard for the well-being of those seeking help. In conclusion, the apparent indifference towards patients' suffering at RBWH Emergency Department is alarming and warrants immediate attention. Improvements in communication, empathy, and urgency are crucial to ensuring that all individuals receive the quality care they deserve in times of medical crisis.

  • Wilma Tanabi
    Wilma Tanabi
    9 months ago

    Had a wonderful experience throughout my Antenatal Care through to Post-partum at Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital. From the Midwife appointment, Obstetrics reviews, right through to Birth Suite, Wards 6B (South) and Obstetric Review Centre including all the administrative staff, nurses n doctors. I am truly grateful and thankful for the amazing help during my term. Georga from Ward 6B and Ying ying from Birth Suite, admin girls at Birth Suite , Philippa from ORC, you ladies are truly God sent angels 😇

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