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The Skin Health Institute is a not-for-profit centre of excellence in skin health that delivers highly specialised clinical treatment, education and research for skin diseases, skin cancers and melanoma.

Our Contact Dermatitis Clinic is one of only a few centres in Victoria offering patch testing, a specialised service used to identify allergens.

Patch testing is a process used to detect whether someone has allergic contact dermatitis to something they have contacted at home or in their workplace.

Patients are tested to a baseline series of allergens in addition to substances that are used at home or work, which are diluted. These are applied to hypoallergenic tape and then placed on the skin on the back and if required the arms. Patch testing is different from prick testing, which is used to investigate hayfever and food allergies. If a relevant allergy is found in the patch testing process, avoidance of the allergen may cure your skin problem.

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  • Greig Hastings
    Greig Hastings
    a month ago

    Being in a high risk category for melanoma and other skin cancers, I've had regular skin checks and a number of procedures at Skin Health Institute. The level of medical expertise and professional treatment is excellent. However the Institute is being let down by very poor office management at a basic level. It is almost uncontactable by phone and upon leaving recorded requests to call back, has never responded. It is disappointing that an otherwise excellent institution is being failed in this regard. Getting tired of the constant 'excuse' of 'We're very busy' . Have referred a friend to SHI and he too had the same experience. No-one responded to his wife's many phone calls or called back on request. The Skin Health Institute needs either a new Office Manager or more staff to handle the number of patients needing its valuable services.

  • Sam andkaz
    Sam andkaz
    4 months ago

    Dr Angela Webb and her staff were fantastic. Any concerns I had about my surgery were allayed due to the caring, professional way I was treated from beginning to end. Highly recommended.

  • Penny hennessy
    Penny hennessy
    4 months ago

    My husband went in for a day procedure. From the get go we were treated extremely well. From the day we booked to day of op We were well informed about everything from fees to care after even a follow up call from nurse the next day. Nothing was a problem

  • Tony Barnes
    Tony Barnes
    5 months ago

    Very well organised and operated. All staff super friendly, helpful and informative. I had a MOHS procedure carried out by Dr Bonnie Swan who was excellent. I received a follow up call the next day to check how I was doing and reinforce the next steps required. Would definitely recommend the Skin Health Institute to others.

  • Arch Stevenson
    Arch Stevenson
    7 months ago

    The expert treatment and care I received from Dr Philip Bekhor and his nursing/admin team was simply outstanding. From first arrival, to surgery and follow-up phone call to check on my recovery I always felt in the best of hands.

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