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Welcome to South Eastern Paediatrics and Allergy Centre (Asthma, Allergy & Child Health Centre). The centre aims to provide education and understanding to parents and children, enabling them to manage their medical and especially allergy problems more effectively.

Paediatric and Adult allergy conditions managed include:

  • Asthma
  • Eczema
  • Food, drug allergy
  • Hayfever
  • Immunotherapy (desensitization –Aeroallergens, Bee Venom )
  • Urticaria (hives)
  • Allergy Testing

Dr. Thomas J. Lee- Dr. Lee completed his undergraduate training at Queensland University. He trained as a paediatrician at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. He did his fellowship at IWK Children’s Hospital in Halifax Canada in 1974. Dr. Lee had further post graduate training in Paediatric allergy at the Melbourne Children’s Allergy Clinic in 1987. He was the senior consultant paediatrician at Dandenong Hospital, Casey Hospital – affiliated with Monash Health between1976 – 2010. Currently, Dr Lee is involved mainly in allergy practice (children and adults).

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  • bryson tanti
    bryson tanti
    3 months ago

    Went in for my 1 year old daughter to get checked as my elder son is anaphylactic to egg and dairy, so he checked her for egg and dairy I asked if he could do nuts aswell. He said “no, you’ll know when she has them”. Absolute joke. They should pay you to go there.

  • Fin Finrasiel
    Fin Finrasiel
    a year ago

    Wish I had read the reviews first. Don't waste your time and money on Dr Thomas Lee. Went there after having suffered an anaphylactic shock. He was an utter waste. He told me 'come back when you've had another anaphylactic shock'. Absolutely hopeless. I've had another one since then. I surely won't be back there!!! But not only that! The consultation took just five minutes. I was charged for an extended consultation. Thief's!

  • Savithri Peiris
    Savithri Peiris
    5 months ago

    Rudest and most outdated reception system and staff. Dr. Lee is never on time. Money and time wasted

  • Cristina Henriquez

    Unpleasant receptionist, no proper customer service at all. The Doctor arrived 20 minutes late for his first appointment. Then we were charged $490!! We’re definitely not coming back.

  • Laurence Van Burck

    While I can only speak on the paediatric side of things I'd suggest somewhere else. Once you find the place in the derelict maze of an arcade you are "greeted" by the grumpy receptionist staff. The consulting room looked like a dingy police interrogation room from the 70s - not welcoming at all for a kid who may be nervous about having to see a new doctor they are not familiar with. The doctor then seemed more concerned our kid wasn't opening up to them in this unwelcoming environment rather than our actual concern. For the amount spent I'd expect better overall service.

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