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We are a team of medical specialists with two clinics operating within the heart of the Macarthur Region, Sydney. Our specialist team includes Allergy/Immunology and Endocrinology. ​

SouthWest Medical Specialists are driven to provide high quality care and medical services to the local community.


  • Professor Brad Frankum- Professor Brad Frankum is a Consultant Clinical Immunologist and Allergy Specialist
  • A/Prof Karuna Keat- Conjoint Associate Professor Karuna Keat is a Clinical Immunologist and Allergist

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  • Arnold Kubinyi
    Arnold Kubinyi
    9 months ago

    These reviews must be bots, as my experience with Karuna Keat in 2019 was quite unnerving , he wanted me to get rid of my cat, as well as get a steroid needle once a week instead of just using a permanent treatment, he implied that I knew nothing and that I sounded incoherent, he also forced me to sit on the bed with loud and rude manners. He was very loud and did not focus on us and kept looking out the window. I would never go in that town ever again because of him. I had severe cat allergies and was more than smart to think the only option was to get rid of my cat, which is nonsense. I ended up getting a more permanent and less out of the bank with nose spray and It ENDED up curing my allergies part time. What a joke. Would give 0 stars.

  • Bills Paperwork
    Bills Paperwork
    2 months ago

    These people are extremely arrogant and rude. My suggestion is to look elsewhere, as patients come to a medical practice seeking help, but these 'professionals' are not interested or not capable to do so.

  • Marlyn Corpuz
    Marlyn Corpuz
    2 years ago

    I have a very interesting medical condition, I was wondering why most of my specialists have the same reaction whenever I tell them I am seeing Dr.Keat for my illness, as if they feel confident that I am not faking my symptoms because they are backed up by unique laboratory tests that even the blood collector states that she is not familiar with the lab test requested by Dr Keat and she has to refer it to her seniors. Dr Keat doesnt give medication not un]ess everything is clear to him, that he is targetting the right medical condition. Tip...he is typical intellectual human being, so come prepared on the clinic, meaning bring all pertinent papers pertaining to your concern , as he is a fast learner and very analytical, his brain is like a computer, I think he has photographic memory aside from a very analytical mind.Give him all the details and leave the analyzing part to him. Happy to be under his care.

  • Sarah Jane Rochester

    I saw Karuna Keat in early 2017 for treatment of my chronic and acute atopic eczema. I was looking for an alternate solution to a lifetime of topical steroids. Dr Keat laughed in my face and told me I was arrogant for thinking there was a different way to be treated. He said I was destined to be on steroids for the rest of my life, and to get used to it. I never went back, and sought a different approach, going through a naturopath instead. It might have taken almost three years, but I have much better skin, and more thorough healing - all without any pharmaceuticals! Dr Keat was rude and judgemental, I wouldn't recommend him to anyone.

  • Madison Lee
    Madison Lee
    2 years ago

    I was a patient of Prof Brad Frankum for my severe allergies of pollens, dust and cats. Professor Frankum was professional and friendly. He explained everything clearly so I (someone without medical training) could understand the process of immunotherapy. The Registered nurse Desiree was so amazing and gentle with the allergy test that I could barely feel it. She is professional and kind :) The practice was professional and full of lovely friendly staff, I would highly recommend- 5 stars

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