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Our general practitioner Dr. Sara Martin has extensive experience and know-how on allergic disease and extends her services in assessment and management at our allergic clinic.

Her services include:

  • Hayfever
  • Asthma
  • Eczema
  • Food allergy
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Hives (urticaria) and /or swelling (angioedema)
  • Initial assessment can be provided for allergy testing for  hayfever, asthma, eczema and food allergy.

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  • Northern Girl
    Northern Girl
    3 months ago

    Phoned up and made an appointment with my usual doctor, only to be told he had left. Made appointment with another doctor. Turned up to my appt on correct day and time to be told they made the appt at Nightcliff. Did not even know they had another surgery. When I emailed to complain about the service, got a reply basically stating I was a liar and the staff member had informed me where it was. Was also told I requested a female doctor which again a lie, as my old doctor was a male. Yep definitely would have turned up at the wrong surgery and wasted my time. Very disappointed in the service and would not return.

  • Brandon Sideleau
    Brandon Sideleau
    5 months ago

    Territory Medical is a mixed bag. Overall my experience has been very positive, but it varies from doctor to doctor. Some doctors are excellent, while some others seem to have strong opinions on medical conditions for which they are not specialized. This has only happened once and I have managed to avoid that doctor, but it stuck with me. By and far, appointments are quick and efficient. My favorite doctor Jackie sadly left the practice. She really worked with me and was willing to think outside the box. Its rare to find a GP that is willing to try novel treatments, which are vital when your conditions has no universally accepted cause.

  • Kerry McDougall
    Kerry McDougall
    3 months ago

    Why so expensive 🤔 A consultation with a doctor and the report he wrote to the specialist was all wrong. Lucky we got to read it and could fix it before it got sent off. The fees are outrageous.

  • Ailsa
    2 years ago

    My dentist sent a referral to them and as per his instructions - I called them the next day to organise an appointment. Got told by receptionist “wait for our call”. She didn’t bother to take my details or anything… And I’m still waiting and wondering if I should try go interstate. The doctors themselves might be wonderful though! Just unfortunate about the receptionist staff.. (Edit: Thanks for the response, Territory Medical. Increased by a star because I appreciate the explanation. Still don’t understand why the receptionist didn’t mention the triaging process or a rough ETA on when to expect a callback though? What is the point of a customer service staff like a receptionist if they’re not guiding customers through the business and its services ? Not sure what else I can say to your coordinator but I’ll keep it in mind.)

  • anne-marie Calvi
    anne-marie Calvi
    2 years ago

    They no longer bulk bill children. I've taken my 2 year old here since birth and our last appointment was less than 2 months ago and was bulk billed. This is a very recent change and when I made an appointment over the phone yesterday I wasn't notified. I was only made aware of this at the end of today's appointment when I was surprised by a $75 fee (before Medicare rebate). I'm annoyed that this wasn't brought to my attention when making the booking as I would have liked to have the option to take my child to another bulk billing clinic.

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