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The Department of Allergy and Immunology at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead provides consultations, investigation and treatment of patients with allergic, autoimmune, autoinflammatory and immunological disorders.

Consultative services and outpatient clinics are run for allergy and immunology. Inpatient and outpatient allergy challenge clinics are held to investigate problems of food and drug allergy. We also initiate insect venom and aero-allergen immunotherapy when appropriate. The Immunology Laboratory performs tests to investigate allergic and immunological disorders.

Our mission is to provide quality care and to promote translational research concerning children with allergic and immunological disorders.

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  • Trang Quach Kim Thien

    My 2 week old newborn recently had an infection (2 weeks ago) and was treated at the Westmead children hospital. The doctors and nurses were thoughtful and caring and she was tested thoroughly to ensure we didn’t miss anything that could cause a fever (which can be a sign of more serious illnesses in newborns if not being careful). She’s now completely recovered and is gaining weight, soon getting to her first-month celebration (as part of the Vietnamese culture). We’re grateful to the medical staff who did their jobs well with care and looked after us whilst we were there. 🙏🏻

  • Sasi JH
    Sasi JH
    2 weeks ago

    If you want to come to the children's emergency please bring a mattress and blanket as you can take a nap and rest here. I came with my baby and waited more than 2 hours. Please concern babies who are under 12 months as they can't place for a long time. I can't even give one star to this hospital.

  • Shan Gao
    Shan Gao
    3 months ago

    My daughter had fractured her arm on Monday, and was referred to West Mead Childrens Hospital, I was told to wait for a call back from hospital, but until Wednesday, no one called. I had to call myself on Thursday, they said they did not receive any information regarding my daughter. So, I had to email the referral letter myself again. And patiently waited until Monday. I had my daughter with fractured arm for a week, not able to see a doctor, so I called again. A receptionist called Nicole, without asking what name the patient is, and the reply was, "We are overloaded, we had 300 emails every day, and many patients are waiting. " Seriously, if this is our public hospital system, why do we have to pay so much Medicare levy. Very unset, I know no one would care about the bad review of the Public hospital. But what else I can do!

  • Layla Kairouz
    Layla Kairouz
    2 months ago

    I truly dislike writing negative reviews, however as a concerned first time mother, I really do not feel like I recieved any help. My 5 month old has RSV and I had called the hospital for some support on when I should bring him in or what I should be looking for as red flags. The woman who answered the phone said “we can’t tell you when to bring them in…. Yeah” and that was IT! Absolutely no direction, guidance, support or helpfulness at all. Really dissapointing, on top of triage telling us “why did you choose to come in on the busiest night”, when truthfully we would MUCH rather be at home with a happy and healthy baby again. Upsetting.

  • Waterdoggos
    3 months ago

    This place. My brother about maybe a month or something ago had to get heart surgery. He got his surgery done within 40 minutes, no issues. His surgery was done maybe 6 hours after we arrived. Updates 24/7. We were given a bed immediately after his surgery. To everyone complaining about the wait, think about the other families going through this. I would like to thank ALL of the nurses. My brother got his surgery done by Ian, the person who did it when he was six. The staff were amazing. They were kind and all. Me and my dad had to stay at the Ronald McDonald house, The ward nurses were absolutely brilliant. They saved his life. The anestesia stopped his heart for about half a second during surgery. Not their fault at all. The anestesia made his heart lazy in a way. Anyways, the beds (according to my brother,) were comfortable, and the nurses cared SO SO SO much. 100% recommend. Think about all the other families going through this.

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