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The Immunology Department at SCGH undertakes:

  • Assessments of autoimmunity, immunodeficiency and HIV conditions.
  • Allergy assessment, testing and desensitisation.
  • Drug reaction assessment and allergy testing

The services provided include:

  • Consultations for food, aero-allergen and venom diagnosis and management, including relevant testing and desensitisation.
  • Diagnosis and management for immune disorders; including HIV, autoimmunity and immunodeficiency.
  • Assessment of drug reactions and drug allergy testing to determine whether a drug allergy exists.


  • Dr Elizabeth Klinken (Mon-Wed) (Head of Department)
  • Dr Grace Thompson (Wed-Fri) (Head of Department)
  • Dr Andrew McLean-Tooke
  • Dr Anna Brusch
  • Dr Grace Thompson
  • Dr Michaela Lucas
  • Dr Luckshman Ganeshanandan
  • Dr Matthew Krummenacher

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450 reviews
  • Prita Prawironoto
    Prita Prawironoto
    a week ago

    First time to ER at SCGH, husband had aortic aneurysm. We're so thankful for the SCGH team for their impeccable effort and high level of care and professionalism for his treatment during and after the surgery. Been to their emergencies 3 times now and their service is still top notch. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to caring our health

  • Ian Wooldridge
    Ian Wooldridge
    a month ago

    The doctors, nurses and staff are truly wonderful. I was in a very bad state when I arrived via ambulance to emergency. I had collapsed at my mothers place after just arriving from Queensland. I must thank the ambulance medics as I was level 3, non responsive and they brought me back. Then the hospital staff took over and I was feeling pretty good the next day until I became very ill and the wonderful doctors and nurses saved me again, and to hear " Ian, you are going to live " from the most professional, wonderful doctor brought me to tears. They kept me there for a week, had every test, they didn't send me home until they were positive I was good to go. No stone was left unturned to find what happened to me. To be given my life back by these wonderful people, I just cannot thank them enough, and so does my 100 y.o. mother. Thank You again Ian Wooldridge

  • Brad Douglas
    Brad Douglas
    a month ago

    Just completed 4 nights in Charlie's and I can't say enough good things about the experience. Nurses, doctors, orderlies, radiographers, neurologists and cardiologists were all amazing and got me back on my feet as quickly as they could whilst ensuring every effort was made to find the cause of the problem. You are all a credit to the WA Health Department and with the greatest of respect I hope we don't meet again....but if we do I know I'll be well taken care of. All the love and respect to these wonderful professional people. P.S. enjoy the flowers and chocolates.

  • Jeff Booth
    Jeff Booth
    2 months ago

    First time in hospital due to a heart attack. Every staff member from Doctors, nurses, cleaners, reception, orderlies pharmacy, and catering treated me with great care and respect from the moment I walked in. We are so lucky to have the services and skills of these amazing people to care for us at our lowest times in life. Thank you for your commitment to caring for our health.

  • JC
    a month ago

    Let me start this positively; the junior doctors, nurses, orderlies, catering, radiology and all the background SCGH staff have been absolutely beautiful, smart and kind. Your help and support is worth so so much and I appreciate each and every one of you. Now to the negative part; the medical senior doctors/consultants. Seriously; what the actual heck is going on with them?! They are rude, disrespectful and so far stuck up their a-holes. - They don’t listen to patients nor the families concerns. - They ignore clear signs of dangerous conditions. - They discharge patients that are (dangerously) medically unstable. - They told a patient that they are psychologically unstable when they have a confirmed physical health condition????? DOCTORS, DO BETTER PLEASE. Come back to planet earth! If you want to be anti-social, go work in the morgue!

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