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I am an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist and Principal Dietitian at The Nourish Co. By Hollie James. I completed a Bachelor of Science (Nutrition & Metabolism) and a Master of Nutrition and Dietetics at USYD.

I decided to study dietetics following my own struggles with food, Coeliac Disease and digestive health issues. I am driven by the ability to help people be at their healthiest, long-term. My focus is to empower you to understand your health and be resilient to the world of misinformation we live in. I look to support you, providing skills and knowledge to make realistic changes.

You’ll find me working at our Norwest, Dural, Parramatta, Asquith and online locations.

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  • Hope Oliver
    Hope Oliver
    9 months ago

    Hollie is amazing! Went to her looking for help around a meal plan targeting at my heath issues at the time. She approached the whole process with empathy and armed with really good information. I honestly have taken what I have learn from those sessions and changed my lifestyle. Simple changes that made all the difference. I would recommend Hollie to anyone. She comes at it with a really healthy and sustainable approach. Advocating for balance which I really loved.

  • Meagan Chesterton
    Meagan Chesterton
    6 months ago

    Hollie is so lovely. She’s by far the best dietician I’ve worked with. She’s super empathetic and welcoming, ensuring that there’s always a safe space to talk through any issues. I highly recommend seeing Hollie - she’s absolutely wonderful.

  • Carla Terceros
    Carla Terceros
    a year ago

    Hollie has been absolutely professional and caring throughout my journey for the last 6 month's, providing me with so much knowledge and support with my concerns. She makes understanding Nutrition very easy. I highly recommend Hollie! With her guidance I changed my life style not just for me, but for all my family. Thank you Hollie.

  • Amy Sciarrelli
    Amy Sciarrelli
    a year ago

    Hollie is an absolute professional. From the moment I first made my enquiry for a consultation Hollie was amazing and I felt at ease when talking to her about my situation. My case was extremely time sensitive and Hollie’s expert guidance and eating plan worked so well and I was able to reach and exceed my goal in only 3 months in a safe and achievable way. Her plans were thought out, easy to follow and most importantly had so much variety included. Hollie adapted my plans to my current lifestyle and included my family in the choices we made. Hollie was always available when and if I had questions or just needed some encouragement. I would highly recommend Hollie and her team not only for weight loss goals but to completely reset your mindset when it comes to balanced and healthy eating. Thank you so much Hollie.

  • Geraldine Dias
    Geraldine Dias
    a year ago

    Hollie has been absolutely professional, gentle, caring and a patient listener throughout my journey, providing me with so much knowledge and emotional support with my concerns. Hollie even followed up when I felt unwell to ensure I was doing ok. She makes understanding Nutrition very easy. I highly recommend Hollie!!

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