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The Paediatric clinic was established in 2011 with children and their parents as our primary focus. Our practice has grown into a multidisciplinary team of like-minded Paediatric specialists, subspecialists and allied health professionals. We offer Paediatric Specialist Consultation in the areas of allergy, respiratory, nephrology, developmental and general paediatric concerns.

We welcome new patients, and provide supportive ongoing care for all medical and developmental concerns:

  • Paediatric consultations from newborns to adolescents, including unsettled babies, reflux, feeding and settling issues, bowel and bladder issues, weight management, skin conditions, and growth & developmental milestone monitoring
  • Developmental assessments and management of behavioural issues
  • Paediatric Allergy Specialist – including skin prick testing: Dr Wendy Allen is a Paediatrician and Paediatric Allergist who specialises in children with Allergic diseases including food allergy, allergic rhinitis, asthma and eczema. She provides an on-site skin prick testing service for common food and aeroallergens. If food challenges are indicated following consultation, these can be arranged. Dr Allen can initiate and monitor sublingual Immunotherapy for common aero allergens, for example, house dust mite.

Our Team-

Paediatric Consultants

  • Dr Bronwyn Chan,General Paediatrician
  • Dr Samantha Lade, General Paediatrician
  • Dr Adrienne Moline, Developmental and General Paediatrician

Paediatric Subspecialists

  • Dr Wendy Allen, Paediatric Allergy Specialist
  • Dr Bernadette Prentice, Paediatric Respiratory Physician
  • Dr Doron Shein, Neonatologist

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Google Reviews

6 reviews
  • Kasha Wier
    Kasha Wier
    a year ago

    Dr Shein has been an excellent doctor to our baby son. He is reassuring and knowledgeable. He is clearly across the latest research on babies' health and gave good advice that was reaffirmed by our experience.

  • Amelia Young
    Amelia Young
    a year ago

    We had a referral to see Dr Smuk after a scare with our daughter at 4 weeks old. She was incredibly caring, informative, patient and took the time to explain everything (being new parents) - we felt our daughter was in the best hands. I couldn’t recommend her enough if you’re looking for a Paediatrician.

  • camille ski
    camille ski
    a year ago

    The Dr Smuk has been amazing with our son and his complex and rare genetic syndrome. She has been helping us building a team together and finding the right support. We feel that she is listening, caring, understanding and problem solving. We are feeling very well taken care of.

  • Rosa Kim
    Rosa Kim
    a year ago

    Dr Shein is quite simply put, terrible. Created more work than he did good. He incorrectly (and confidently) confirmed our son did NOT have a tongue tie at discharge (rather than saying he wasn't sure), and instead tells us he's not sure our sons eyes are okay after taking 5 secs to look at it. He then proceeds refers us to some crazy expensive, inconvenient opthomologist for us to take our newborn son to in the middle of the city at one week old. Then we find out nothing is wrong with his eyes and that we need to fork out almost $400 + $40 for parking in Circular Quay only to get our medicare claim rejected because he never sent an official referral in. Spent more than three hours back and forth with his office, the opthomologist and medicare and still no rebate. On top of all that, we find out later from ECHC that our son DOES have a SEVERE tongue tie (later confirmed and snipped by The Smile Doctors) which could have saved us weeks of latching issues and spending even more money on a lactation consultant to understand why he wasn't feeding well. Do NOT trust this doctor. I am appalled. He should not call himself a professional. Oh and on top of all that, we call his office twice to confirm if we really need to go to the opthomologist and if it is in fact an emergency (which is what the opthomologist office told us based on Dr Shein's text to the provider) and he, nor his office, ever get back to us. For a new mum with baby blues and recovering from birth to have to travel to Circular Quay for an unnecessary appointment was not only a waste of money and time, but added even more stress to an already tough time. Unresponsive. Unprofessional. Lazy. That is Dr Shein and his office.

  • Duncan Elms
    Duncan Elms
    a year ago

    Before our visit my wife made sure all the reports were sent through and followed up about them with reception on the week of the appointment. Then in the meeting the doctor had not read or even seen the reports. For $600 the very at least I expect is that the doctor has read the reports and is prepared.

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