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The RPAH Allergy Unit is attached to the Department of Clinical Immunology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPAH), and is affiliated with the Discipline of Medicine at the University of Sydney. Located at Camperdown, RPAH is the premier teaching hospital within the Sydney Local Health District (SLHD).

Our staff are committed to excellence in clinical care, research and teaching, and we act as a centre of national expertise providing information and resource materials for health care providers as well as the wider community.

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  • Meruyert Izmukhanova

    Every year we do skin prick test for my kid. Stuff is very friendly and caring! Thank you for your service, we appreciate everything you do for public (us).

  • 1zanygingercat
    7 months ago

    The staff here are absolutely wonderful and very knowledgeable in their field. If you (any ages) have any allergy issues whatsoever the team here will attempt to investigate and resolve your problems. I totally recommend them.

  • Dermot O'Mahony
    Dermot O'Mahony
    a year ago

    I was treated by the RPAH when I was battling severe food intolerances. After years of frustration, searching for answers and not understanding what was happening, the RPAH staff provided me with life-changing insights. They cured me and the effects were life-changing. I remain forever grateful for their insights and advice. I would highly recommend RPAH to those dealing with food inheritance health issues.

  • Jake Harris
    Jake Harris
    2 years ago

    After being referred here several times over the past 2-3 years by GPs, each time I have been told they are not accepting anybody at this time. To be associated with a hospital, not taking patients, and furthermore not informing GPs that they are inactive is highly unprofessional and a drain on public health.

  • A Breviation
    A Breviation
    2 years ago

    Re immunology cinic- which is somehow associated with this unit, or not, the information is confusing and misleading. Had to wait a year for a skin patch test. Finally went in for the test and had inappropriate screening questions asked like why I was missing a tooth (obviously didn't get why I was using public health in the first place-poverty and a lack of access to public services, that's why). Finally got around to the patch test (for metals) and got a reaction, called in, turns out they didn't have any photos of the test, any information about which patch lined up with what. Told me too bad and that I was put on a list again. No information on aftercare- I still have the reaction and seven months later, I'm still waiting for a redo on the skin patch that the team failed to deliver on. Pretty disgusting. I know NSW health is largely to blame, but the staff that they do have here, in my experience, were inappropriate and could not successfully complete basic protocols like record keeping.

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