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The Wesley Hospital’s clinical immunologists have specific skills in the diagnosis, treatment and management of patients with disorders of the immune system and the management and treatment of patients with allergies.

If these disorders affect you, The Wesley Hospital’s immunologists and allergists in Brisbane can diagnose, treat and otherwise manage patients of all ages with disorders such as:

  • Complex allergic disease (eg allergic rhinitis and asthma or eczema).
  • Confirmed or suspected immunodeficiencies.
  • Confirmed or suspected autoimmune or autoinflammatory diseases.
  • Confirmed or suspected chronic urticaria and/or angioedema.
  • Continuing poor control of asthma, despite regular use of asthma medication.
  • Insect or respiratory allergy when allergen immunotherapy is contemplated.
  • Severe allergies (eg to foods, drugs or insects).


  • Dr Daman Langguth- MBChB, FRCPA, FRACP
  • Dr Kim Robertson- MBBS FRACP

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  • Michelle Heynen
    Michelle Heynen
    2 months ago

    I am currently a patient at the Wesley Hospital on Ward 5E and I have nothing but praise for the staff here. I was to have a simple gallbladder surgery but days later my pain continued to get progressively worse and the nursing staff and my surgeon were great. 4 days after my gallbladder surgery I had to have emergency surgery as what they thought was just fluid ended up being bile leaking into my stomach it was a scary situation and my surgeon and all of the staff handled everything like rock stars. To now they are so kind and thoughtful and help me with my anxiety as 2 surgeries in 5 days is a lot to handle plus the rest. I could not be more grateful for all the staff at the Wesley Hospital

  • Antoine Tron
    Antoine Tron
    in the last week

    My partner gave birth at Wesley hospital Auchenflower. Most of the midwives were very nice, but the nurses, most of them were mean and didn't make us feel welcome. It was worse than a public hospital. We paid for the service, but they made us feel like they were doing us a favour or we owe them something, one of the nurses, Jo, even said to us, why we named our child the name we named her, and said why we didn't choose a 'normal name' like her mum. The paediatrician, Dr. Holt, was very rude. Everytime she came to the room, she would just grab our baby girl without asking. She always looked angry and had no compassion. The bed sheets had blood stains and they didn't bother to change it. I changed the sheets and put them on the floor in the corner, later a nurse can and angrily asked who put the sheets there. The obstetrician, Dr. Joubert, was very good, she was passionate about her job and very professional. The Wesley hospital owes us money, and it has been 3 weeks since my partner and my baby left the hospital and they haven't refunded the money yet. My recommendation is; better go to a public hospital then the Wesley hospital.

  • Gemmy Brown
    Gemmy Brown
    a month ago

    To the incredible nursing and medical team at Wesley Hospital: Re: Ward 5E nursing staff and to my treating doctors Dr. Jarvis and Dr. Dilllon I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude for the exceptional care I received during my recent hospital stay. Each nurse played an integral role in making my experience as comfortable and reassuring as possible. A special mention goes to Nurse CC Oreiro, whose attentive care and quick clinical response during a critical moment were truly remarkable. Her dedication to her patients is evident and deeply appreciated. Thank you CC, I will never forget that night when you stood up for me and placed yourself in my shoes as you never hesitated to initiate a met call. Your empathy is highly appreciated. I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Jarvis and Dr. Dillon for their unwavering commitment to finding the clinical reasons behind my illness. Their expertise, reassurance, and patience were invaluable throughout my stay, and I am immensely grateful for their diligent care. The best doctors I have ever met, very down to earth and you will never feel intimated when you have conversation with them. Thank you very much for looking after me like your own family members. Thank you all for your professionalism, compassion, and dedication to ensuring the well-being of your patients. Wesley Hospital is truly fortunate to have such an exceptional team. May God bless you all... Warm regards, Gem

  • Lyn Lisle
    Lyn Lisle
    2 months ago

    Yesterday I was a patient in the DSU at The Wesley Hospital. Every member of staff was friendly, efficient, competent and compassionate from the Admissions staff to the Day Surgery staff. As a medical professional I am very aware of patient feedback and we hear more negative comments than positive ones unfortunately. I just wanted to say thank you for making a medical procedure stress free and a positive experience. All your staff appear happy in the workplace so congratulations on a job well done. I haven’t been to the Wesley since my babies were born so it was a pleasure to return years later and be treated once again by friendly professionals.

  • Kristie Kreature FX
    Kristie Kreature FX
    5 months ago

    I had self funded surgery here 6 weeks ago. My surgeon and anaesthetist were amazing. 10/10. The nurses I had when I came out of recovery were great. Attention to detail, caring, wonderful. The nurses I had the following day were average. The surgery cost $11950, I was in hospital less than 18 hours. My admission was messed up, so after fasting from 9pm for an 8am surgery, I wasn’t admitted until after 4pm. Surgery went great and was out of recovery by 8pm. The next morning I wasn’t given any fluids or anything and was discharged not long after waking. I was given the wrong discharge papers and medication scripts too. Please do better in future. I would definitely think twice about having surgery here again.

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