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At Tricky Little Tummies, we work every day to improve the quality of life and health of children with tummy troubles and reduce your stress as parents when feeding fussy kids. We help bring back a sense of calm and wellbeing for our families. Giving them back their head space and freedom when it comes to nutrition and allowing them to focus on all the other things their busy lives throw at them!

If you’re struggling with a fussy eater or have a child with gut issues such as constipation, IBS, allergies or food intolerance, we truly get how stressful, exhausting and overwhelming it is to manage day in day out. You just want what’s best for your child, but sometimes that can be super confusing! Making confident nutrition decisions for your family, that don’t take hours of preparation or research, just isn’t an option for many modern families.

Paediatric Dietitian Professionals:

  • Karina Savage BSc (Ex & Sport Science), BND, APD
  • Rachel George BSc (Ex & Sport Science), BND, APD

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  • Ash Dignon
    Ash Dignon
    a week ago

    Karina is a well spoken, professional wealth of knowledge about all things nutrition. As a parent I didn’t feel judged about my child’s eating struggles in fact, I left out meeting feeling empowered and affirmed. I would highly recommend Karina for any childhood nutrition issues or concerns.

  • Amanda Jade
    Amanda Jade
    a month ago

    I had my first session with Karina today and I can say I am feeling motivated and confident to make changes. Karina was very professional but also made me feel really comfortable. I have signed up to the membership program and can’t wait to start working through the modules, I feel like change is actually possible this time!

  • Sarah G
    Sarah G
    4 months ago

    Karina is a wealth of knowledge! She instantly knew what I was talking about! Karina is so supportive, encouraging & ACTUALLY has a plan! I hadn’t had any success previously with anyone & kept being told “my baby would just grow out of things”.. However my mothers instinct knew there could be an improvement & I finally found the guidance we needed. Highly recommend Karina!

  • Simone Dyer
    Simone Dyer
    a month ago

    Absolutely highly recommend Karina. She has been amazing with helping us through the stages of getting our 12 month old Son diagnosed with Coeliac, as well as giving us as much information as possible to educate us on the start of our Coeliac journey. Thanks so much Karina x

  • Trish Taylor
    Trish Taylor
    4 months ago

    Not only was Karina a wealth of knowledge and expertise, but she was also warm, compassionate and understanding. In an hour long consult I learnt so much. I am excited to now be a member of her online group and have already seen so many great resources which I look forward to putting to the test with my three children. Thank you so much Karina - I look forward to working with you again soon. :)

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