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Wells Road Medical Centre is a renowned health clinic in Chelsea Heights that has been providing exceptional general practice and healthcare services for over 12 years. As a mixed billing clinic, we have long been committed to making healthcare accessible and affordable. With a focus on serving the community without the burden of cost, we ensure quality care for all of our patients. The clinic offers bulk billing for specific criteria, including patients under 16, and healthcare and pension card holders, from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday. For other patients and times, private fees apply, with a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of healthcare. Book an appointment now and visit our Medical Centre!

At Wells Road Clinic, we understand the connection between endometriosis and allergies. Our clinic offers specialized care and services for patients dealing with endometriosis, which often includes managing related allergy symptoms.

You can find more information on our endometriosis services and how we address associated allergies on our website here.

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  • Jaydn Edwards
    Jaydn Edwards
    2 weeks ago

    Very incompetent , young doctor george who is more busy trying to flirt with the young nurses than Even? Tempting two baby half professional after saying him one time He sewed up a serious laceration before even attempting to clean and examine by it's just the point. It was a very heavy fall with some very dirty steel. He just replied that the body claims itself. I ended up in emergency the next afternoon. And to use on actions to not move my finger, it must be nice to have a father that owns the company get a real job mate

  • Deb Gauci
    Deb Gauci
    a month ago

    I have been going to this clinic for 9 years and I have only had positive experiences. The reception staff are friendly and helpful. I have been a patient of Dr Satheesan and Dr George Farag and they are both exceptional doctors who show care and support. A great clinic!

  • Michael Halse
    Michael Halse
    3 weeks ago

    Am fairly new to this practice after nearly 25 years at previous one. Have found all aspects from reception, doctors and nursing staff to be excellent. Highly recommended.

  • Costa Barboussas
    Costa Barboussas
    2 months ago

    Very professional and friendly clinic GP’s are the best I’ve ever. Web too with availability in this clinic to see DmGP’s after hours and on weekends. Clean premise and nice waiting room Only improvement I can see is if they had auto magic doors for wheelchair access than having to open heavy doors. Highly recommended as GP’s very much in d and not just one doctor you have a choice of a few. Records up to date no need to start your life history with every doctor u see. No need to go elsewhere when everything is under one roof including a chemist next door.

  • Jord
    3 weeks ago

    I have been going to this clinic for years with no issues with the reception staff and GP's but after being horrendously spoken to on the phone on 21st of May at 4:28PM by the reception starting with Z _ _ _ _, I will no longer be coming back to this clinic. I simply asked her a question that if I come to my appointment this Thursday, do I need to change the appointment type to vaccinations instead of a regular checkup. I asked her to let me know because I am travelling soon which she could not give me the answer and continued to have so much attitude in her answers. I don't usually leave google reviews, but this is needed. Heard her mumble 'oh my gosh' under her breath. I have told her customer service skills are shocking. Will not be coming back. For a patient to not come back after coming for years says ALOT of how rudely I was spoken to. Rude Rude Rude!

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