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Provider- FAQs

Explore frequently asked questions about Allergy Life Health, how we add Healthcare provider listings, how we categorise providers, how to claim a listing if you're a provider and more

Healthcare Provider FAQs

Allergy Life Health is an initiative proudly brought to Australians by Allergy Life Australia; a national non-profit registered charity organisation.

Our mission at Allergy Life Australia is to support, enhance and advocate for the lives and lifestyles of those living with Allergies in Australia by providing information, support, care and access through a range of modern initiatives to live a safer and happier Allergy Life. 

We are inclusive of anyone that has or is living with someone that has intolerances and/or autoimmune conditions that share similar symptoms and day-to-day challenges with allergies.

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No, Allergy Life Health is an initiative proudly brought to you by Allergy Life Australia; a national non-profit registered charity.

Supported by volunteers and the community, Allergy Life Health’s mission is to connect the allergy community to the Healthcare services for their allergies when they need and where they need it- so they can live a safer and happier Allergy Life.

Yes, Allergy Life Health was created to give Australians living with allergies direct access (in one place) to providers offering dedicated Healthcare services and health support for their allergies.

Allergy Life Health is FREE to join and FREE for the community to Find Health Care providers for their allergies or the allergies of their loved ones. It’s all about providing Health awareness and enabling positive health outcomes for Australians with Allergies.

More Australians are spending time online than ever before. And with an increasing number of Australians living with allergies, there is a need for them to discover the help and support required for their allergies when they need it. However, due to time, resources, or even budgets, discovering Healthcare providers for their allergies is challenging.

Allergy Life Health cuts through any mixed information. It gives Australians living with allergies the knowledge of what services they may need, where they can find them and how to access them.

Services that you may provide are all placed in one location, easy to find, learn, contact and share.

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Healthcare Providers are added through “Verified Provider Profiles’ or ‘Public Provider Profiles’ on Allergy Life Health. 

  • Verified Provider Profiles- This is when a Healthcare provider creates an account and registers with Allergy Life Health as a provider. Verified Provider Profiles also allow verified users to reply to community reviews.

  • Public Provider Profiles- Allergy Life Health creates public profiles of Healthcare providers and organisations that publicly state they provide Healthcare services for the community. These profiles contain all the providers’ public information and require providers to claim them in order to reply to community reviews and make updates. Public profiles can be claimed to be verified

If you have found a profile with your details, you can claim this profile to manage and update your details, reply to reviews and add any details that can help the allergy community.
Please Note: To claim your listing, you need to create an Allergy Life Health provider profile first.

Are you already listed on Allergy Life Health? Click here to claim your profile

To access your Dashboard, visit your Header Menu > My Accounts > Dashboard or click here.

If you’ve successfully claimed your provider profile, you are now ready to use your Dashboard to manage listings, reviews and view statistics. 

This is your Dashboard:

ADD LISTINGS- If you have multiple locations or new listings to add, you can add them from here. If this is under another business name, please note our team may reach out to you to verify the details.

MY LISTINGS- From here you can view your active listings, pending listings (awaiting approval) and expired listings. If you need to edit/modify a listing, click on My Listings> Active> (Select Listing)> Edit.

STATISTICS- This area of the Dashboard will show you the current stats for all your listings. You can also view this by clicking on Dashboard.

REVIEWS- If visitors or the community have left a review, you can view all the reviews here and respond to them. Please Note: This is only for reviews on Allergy Life Health. For Google Review support, contact Google Support. 

MY PROFILE- This is where you can edit your profile details, change your email and update your password.

If you still have questions on how to use Allergy Life Health? Contact our team and we will be more than happy to assist.

Allergy Life Health creates public provider profiles of Healthcare providers and organisations that publicly state they provide Healthcare services for the community. This information is collected from their websites and google listings. If unclaimed for over 12 months, these profiles are checked and updated. Public provider profiles can be claimed to be verified at any time.

Allergy Life Health ensures that all the information on the platform is accurate and up to date, reviewing information on a regular basis. The platform is safe and secure and does not share any personal profile information or data.

If you want to contribute to the positive health outcomes for people living with allergies, you can write a blog article or answer some questions to be featured. Contact us to learn more.

We’re always looking to add and improve what information we provide the community. Please contact us to add the type/conditions/features/billings linked to your listing that aren’t listed.

Allergy Life Australia moderates all reviews and automatically reserve the right not to publish or to take down reviews that contain any of the following:

– Fake/Spam
– Personal
– Misleading
– Inaccurate
– Off topic
– Dangerous
– Illegal
– Explicit
– Offensive
– Restricted
– Conflict of Interest

In the case of a provider requesting to remove a negative review, we look at these reviews on a case-by-case basis to see if they violate our guidelines and are listed in the above criteria.

We understand that a negative review may be something a provider may wish to remove. In line with our review policy, we will contact the reviewer to validate the review, and if deemed in conflict, we will remove the review. We will also provide them with your details for them to contact you to resolve the issue.

If they wish to delete or update their review, this may resolve your query. However, Allergy Life Health cannot delete verified negative reviews, as this information shared by the community is to help others in the community.

Contact us to flag a negative review.

If you no longer wish to be listed on Allergy Life Health, you can remove your listing at any time through your Dashboard or by contacting us.


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